Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Something Lovely.

I came across this amazing and wonderful artist over on my sister Emma's blog Alabama Days the other day. Peter Callesen is a Danish artist who works mostly with paper. I do have a thing for papercuts, and his are just incredible. So beautiful

Tower of Babel

Looking Back

Birds Trying To Escape Their Drawings

I am entranced.

Do check out his other work over on his site. Framed papercuts here and here and take a minute to scroll down. It is just amazing the detail he can achieve. Look here for haunting photos. His work is at times funny, sometimes slightly disturbing.
Always beautiful.

Edit: This morning I was exploring his website further with the children, wandered into Installations and found something wonderful. The linking is not working very well so if you just click on Installations on the sidebar, then Click on the top right one. If it says 'Children's Exhibition' at the top of the page your at the right place. Please take a moment to scroll down through the exhibition to the end, where he got children and adults to reflect on life, death, and the exhibition they had just seen. You can read what some of the children wrote, and see what they did with the angels they cut out.
Maybe it's being a mother, but it did move me...


Paddy said...

Great stuff. Must check out some more.

Mrs.French said...

I didn't know you had a blogging sister!

Wow! Mr. Callesen's work gives me chills...especially those birds and the "Children's Exhibition." Simply lovely my dear!