Thursday, 14 August 2008

Away We Go.

It's sad to say, but the weather has been quite autumnal here the last couple of days. Across the country there's been crazy rain and flooding. The school holidays are nearly over and it feels as though we've hardly had a summer. I could count on one hand the number of sunny-days-at-the-beach we've had.

But we're hopeful. May and September are generally the best months of the year. There is often a frenzy of beach days in September when they are already back at school and there weather turns golden and we just can't let them pass us by.

But in the meantime, the knitting has started again. And socks are going on in the evening, and I find myself eyeing the fireplace. But not just yet. No. I'm holding out for an 'Indian summer'. (Why is it called that exactly?) And most importantly, we're heading west for a few days. In Sligo, we'll be meeting our newest family addition, Thomas, for the first time and, oh, the excitement! And then we'll be heading down to Galway to see some more cousins, and we just know fun will be had. And we'll have Jay with us, and there'll be no distractions of work.

So, I'll be back blogging on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, and until then I hope you all have a wonderful end-of-week, and weekend!


Rima Staines said...

I like the phrase "socks are going on" :)
Yes it is positively wintry here... & we have more than eyed the fireplace!
Hope you all have a lovely little adventure together...

Unknown said...

We lit a fire last night! Aubrey requested it. Have a wonderful time heading west. I'm lost without my phone, and can't seem to post photos from the computer......XxA

Anonymous said...

The idea of an Indian summer is enchanting, isn't it? Enjoy those seasonal changes. Here we are sliding towards spring with all its promise of sunshowers and increased warmth.

Paddy said...

It was an amazingly unexpected sunny day here.

Robin Fawcett said...

is a nice page in Wiki explaining all about it.

Last night Vanessa said "Shall we light a fire?" - I said "I haven't even chopped the firewood yet and I'm still wearing shorts"!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

What a beautiful blog you have!

I followed the path from Moonlight and Hares :)

So nice to see all the beauty in your world :)


Lisa Conmara said...

I was told before that "Indian Summer" came from a predjudice slight on the American Indians in a kind of "lazy/useless summer" way, that it was unreliable, and couldn't be taken advantage of because it could end suddenly - kind of as if something was called an "irishman's..." it may have connotations of being associated with stupidity... Thats what I was told, I hope I explained myself properly...!!

Sarah said...

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, sounds like a good one, it's always nice visiting babies isn't it!

I just got back from a week away, and the trees are looking a little bit yellower, how can it be autumn when summer only just began?! It's how it goes I suppose :)