Monday, 11 August 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy Today.

Tagging is a funny one. Each time I swear I'm going to pass the next one up, some lovely person tags me and I can't say no. Now this is a lovely tag to be tagged here. It came from Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes and it has such a nice theme I reckon it can only do me good to do it! So here it goes. An uneventful day but all the more reflective for it.

Six Things That Make Me Happy Today.

1) It's Monday, and Jay is home! Instant happiness! He has the next two weeks off, and we are planning a little trip west to meet the newest family member. I always regret that we don't work together, as we work together well.

2) I am very happy to be sitting in the quiet house, and even though it's a blustery, wet night out, the door to the garden is open and I can hear to wind shaking the reeds and grasses, and the sea booming on the rocks, and the rain dripping onto the doorstep. And it is peaceful.

3) Even though some days the incessant clamour of little bodies and needy mouths and raised voices causes me to close my eyes and ears for a moment and remind myself to breathe, I also remind myself just how blessed and happy I am to have them all the same. And I appreciate the quiet all the more.

4) I am happy that today I managed to sit with each child at some point and engage with them over something that was important to them. Too many days, on reflection in the dark of night, I see I have failed to do even that. Where is this mythical day when I will have enough time for each of them, and Jay, and me...?

5) I am happy that I can see potential and possibilities, and feel grateful for feeling grateful when money is tight and we have to think more carefully and clearly about what we do and how we do it. Painful but possible.

6) I am happy that so many wonderful people, family and friends are blogging and helping to pull the threads together to create a world, albeit an online one! filled with people I love and am inspired by. It makes your lives so much more real for me. Thank you!

And now I'm passing this on to YOU! If you feel like taking part then do please, and let me know if you are. All of you. I want to know what makes you happy!


meetmeatmikes said...

He heh.. i did it already, didn't I? I think your happy things are just my cup of tea. Sort of immeasurable, wonderful, (bitter)sweet, satisfying happinesses. I think your world sounds lovely.

marta said...

oh Ciara, you never stop insiping me..

Mrs.French said...

You are so good....I always mean to complete these sweet tags and then I forget or get caught up doing something else.

The one you did here is so are such a kind person.