Sunday, 30 March 2008

Time's Up.

So. The holidays are over.

The clothes are laid out. Lunch boxes wait quietly on the kitchen table.
Alarm clocks set. Sleepy, clean scented heads on clean pillows.
The trudge begins in a mere few hours.

We all felt a bit dejected today.

We cleaned and tidied and organised, but without spirit.
The Easter tree is put away for another year.
The last traces of holiday swept away.
Last crumbs of chocolate pressed on their fingers, licked clean.

School tomorrow.

Just let me pause for a moment first...


The Dirt Dude said...

Great photo!

Rima said...

Hello Ciara and thank you for your sweet words :) Glad you enjoy your wanderings at my Hermitage. What a lovely place you have here... Pleased to meet you :)
All the best to you from Scotland .. Rima

Esti said...

Last night, as I was getting ready to slip in bed I couldn't wipe a tired smile on my face. School at last! How they have missed it! How much longer could we have stayed inside with this pouring rain? School at last! Yeah! Sigh...

Patrick's-Well said...

Once the first morning back at school is over, all will be well. It is good to meet old friends again. It will not be long now until the summer break. In the meantime enjoy the Spring!

Lisa Conmara said...

eh... school = fernhouse cafe!
not long until summer either so lets try not to be tooooo sad...!!!
hee hee ;-)