Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sunlight Returns.

It seems the sunlight has returned to our little corner. The cold, thin winter sun is beginning to fatten up with light and warmth.

It stormed last night. I found myself waking to the wind whistling around the house, lying in the dark, wondering if our newly planted little pear tree would still be in one piece in the morning.

It was.

And the sun came out. And although it was still definitely a Blustery Day up until late afternoon, by dinner time, the door was open, the sun, and the air, and the calm breeze crept in. And for the first time in months we forgot to light a fire.

My heart rejoices.


Paddy said...

Yes, there was a definite feeling of new life and things happening. The added hour of daylight is a great boost too.

Lisa Conmara said...

nothing like your house when its "doors open" weather! nowhere in the world nicer...

Esti said...

Spring is here too, finally. UFFF

Paddy said...

First photo:

'I'm free!!'
'That's nothing. I'm four.'