Saturday, 19 January 2008

Oh Dear...

Yes. This actually happened a number of weeks ago, and I was so upset I just put them in a box and put it out of my mind. But I'm ready to do surgery now. Here's what happened. We were away for a few days, and being the winter and cold outside and the house empty and a country house afterall, I made sure to put away every scrap of food just in case. Just in case some cute little field mouse decided to take advantage of an empty house and sneak in for a nibble.
Well, of course! That's exactly what happened. And as I had been so careful about not leaving anything out they were extremely resourceful and sniffed out the soup mix I had put inside these guys to weigh them down! Either that or they took exception to the odd looking residents!

The reason I was SO upset is because my making time is so rare and precious, and only slowly becoming a reality again. Making these was quite a milestone for me, and this happening actually took the wind out of my sails. But that's that. I'm ready for more.

For anyone who didn't see them whole check them out here and here

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Paddy said...

Seems to call for a tin box sort of residence.