Thursday, 17 January 2008

I'm Your Density.

We watched Back To The Future last night. Again. Yes we are big fans. I notice with each watching they 'get' it more and more. They have moved beyond the more visual gags (tho Christopher Lloyd's face breaks us up every time), and the script it coming alive for them, ("Why don't you make like a tree and split?"). The biggest laugh is when George says so earnestly to Lorraine " Lorraine, I'm your density..."
But last night the the post movie discussion moved to another level. It was all about dissecting the notion of time travel and trying to work out the details of the effects of it, eg. when Marty gets back to 1985 does the Doc suddenly have memories of meeting him in 1955? Anyway, then it got really interesting. Marty wakes up to a family he almost doesn't recognise, wealthy, confident, successful, compared to the beginning of the movie when they are underdogs all round. And is that all because George doesn't just walk away from Biff, but stands up to him? And do you think it's really like that? I mean real life? If you make a choice it can really, really have such a big effect? Really? And will that happen to me?
Oh, the wonder of cinema. Isn't it so great that they think they're being entertained and really they're having their minds expanded. :-)


PlainJane said...

Ha! My husband and I are big fans too. We got married on Nov. 5th 2005 (50 years after time travel was invented!)

We traveled to Disneyland on our first anniversary to meet Tom Wilson (Biff) who was doing an art exhibition.

I also grew up in the town BTTF 3 was filmed. Christopher Lloyd lived up the street while filming and I saw him driving around in his VW bus every once in a while.

Pretty Fun!

Andrew Judge said...

That's brilliant! I'd love to hear their reaction to ET. Was that really emotionally mind-bending, or was it just me?