Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Na Preachan.

I went out last night. I met up with some very dear, old friends whom I hardly ever see any more. We sat around a table and we ate, and we talked and we laughed. And we sang.
I had forgotten how good it was to sing, so effortlessly, together. Despite us not being together as a group for quite a long while, I was so reassured when all it took was someone to start the first few notes of a song and off we went. We sang songs I thought I had forgotten, in languages I don't speak, in harmonies that make you shiver down your back.
So thank you Natalie, and Alice, and Anna, and Carmel, and Grainne, and Carmel, and Elaine. And Anita you were missed. Thank you, Na Preachan, for reminding me that ten years of friendship doesn't just go away through lack of seeing each other.

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