Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A Note From My Girl.

Why do you always ask me, to do things when I'm doing other things that you asked me to do, from FR.

Oh dear. This was left on the fridge door yesterday. See, this is when I realise that I'm not on top of things. It coincided with me realising that I haven't baked weekly bread since about two months before The Smallest was born. He is eight months old now... The problem is, my motto for the last good few years has been a quote from someone involved with the slow food movement : "If you don't have time in your day to make bread, there's something wrong." I reckon it's a good yardstick to have, to measure my life against. It made sense and fit into the way I did things.
So now I find myself without time to make bread, without time to notice I'm doing things like the above note accuses (with good reason) me of.
Time to take stock methinks!


Emma said...

That's hilarious! She's a smart girl to put it in writing. Now she knows she has been heard. She'd make a good lawyer. Not that I would wish that on her.

Andrew Judge said...

That's an art installation. You must keep that! What a Basic Human Truth.