Wednesday, 5 December 2007


For those of you that love Christmas, as I do, I'll be posting up a few favourite's of mine between now and Christmas. We decided to wait til Jay get's back to get our Christmas Tree, and I have to say the kids have been brilliant and patient about it. It feels like Christmas is on hold. We've been staying with my parents while he's gone, (Bless them!) and so our house is cold un-christmassy. We'll spend tomorrow starting the preparations by digging out the Christmas boxes, the winter books, all our favourite garlands and bauble's. So hopefully we'll have some festive photos tomorrow.

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zee said...

Traditionally my family never put up a tree or decorations until the 10th and us kids used to nearly wet ourselves in anticipation, and even then it would almost always be rainy on the 10th so my Dad wouldn't buy a tree until he could buy a dry one, which I in my excitement could not comprehend. When we finally got all the decorations up, after everyone else had, all the waiting made it much more special. And I've followed that tradition myself- I still nearly wet myself in anticipation of putting up the decorations but I hold off because I know how fun it is to put them up when Christmas is really looming. We put our tree up early this year because we'll be away over Xmas- and it doesn't feel as fun this year, having everything up early.

Sorry for the essay, but all I wanted to say is that it's awesome that your kids are being patient about the Christmas decorations. I know how hard it can be at their age (or my age!)