Thursday, 13 September 2012

Let Us Talk About The Sea.

What is it that happens to you, when the cold saltwater hits your skin?
When your breath catches high up, and every nerve ending tells you to stop! 
What is it that happens when you literally take the plunge, and envelope yourself in the briny, endless silence of water, suspended, nothing below your feet to hold you up, and there you float.

No matter how far you stray from the edge of the land, from the places where the sea begins, no matter how many years without it, or how many babies keep your feet on dry land,
you cannot ever take the salt out of your skin.
You will dream about it, run there in your sleep, 
until it finds you again. 


gz said...

Taking the plunge...literally and metaphorically.

Jess said...

You're making me want to jump in the sea and I haven't done that for too many years to say! beautiful photos. :)
Jess x x

Poetry24 said...

You sum up the feelings of islanders, perfectly, Ciara.

JK said...

(Coming out. As deep as going in, don't you think?
For a while, unable to run, unable to rush, unable to do anything but toddle, fresh-footed in the surf,
and remember when life
was nothing
but learning.)

Sara said...

I do not get to dip my toes in the sea very often. But of all the things I have experienced in my life, that is one I will never forget. :)

Pandorah's Box said...

Ahhh so lovely.