Thursday, 12 July 2012

What I Love About The Summer Holidays.

Although the weather has not been good, the days are whizzing by. Days of a little sunshine and a lot of rain, in spite of which we have been making the most of no school and long hours of daylight that stretch away from us towards beaches and woodland and picnics-whatever-the-weather. We are good at that, ignoring the weather. We can't change it so why complain? But I can tell you, it is the unremitting topic of conversation, no matter where you go. In fact, I cannot imagine what this country would come to if we couldn't talk about the weather! A standstill, is what!
Nevertheless, regardless of our unexceptional summer, in terms of sunshine, I do love this time of year in this temperate isle of ours.

I love when the evenings linger, generous with a light that seems reluctant to be gone from the sky, unobtrusively just...not leaving. It is as though the very air we inhabit has swelled, to fill more hours, pushing the limits of what we can call Day, just so we can really make the most of this mildest of seasons. And we have been doing just that.
Whatever the weather, the sea is the place to be this time of year, and even the drizzly days that call for rock pooling with wonderful friends instead of lounging on the sand, they still couldn't resist getting in for a swim, as the first picture above attests.

I love the extra hours that are ours, morning, noon and night, to do as we please. To spend time with friends we don't see enough of during school time, to be spontaneous and drop everything and run out the door when the phone rings to reveal an Idea Of Exceptional Splendidness at the other end of the line. And best of all, BedTime is on holiday too, and so, not always to be found when expected.
The word Relax becomes meaningful.

I love it when the teenagers stay out late into the dark, walking down the beach or to the village shops with their friends, coming home in high spirits to chat loudly in the next room. They have discovered LP's, the sound of vinyl and the riches it holds, discovered our collection of records, and I lie in the dark listening to the murmur of their giddy voices, the thrumming of the bass through the wall, as though splinched somewhere between a time warp. I secretly love that they are, without knowing it, engaging in a Most Important Musical History Lesson. Some day they'll realise it!

I love that we live by the sea, so grateful for moments like this. Is there anything more splendid than this? 'That golden moment' my Dad said, when he saw the above photo. Hours upon hours, just jumping into that cold water. If that doesn't awaken your spirit, I don't know what does. What a way to spend a summers day!

And at night, I love when the bedroom window is open and a cool breeze passes through. For on it comes dustly winged moths and drunken daddy-long-legs, and I lie as though in a summer woodland meadow, wings brushing past, telling tales of the chirruping reeds and marsh and meadow in the dark beyond my windowpane.

I find myself, as I so often do this time of year, travelling through these high speed days in slow motion. Do you remember that feeling as a child when things felt ginormous and teeny tiny at the same time, smooth and prickly, fat and thin, at the exact same moment? (Or was that just me?!) Well, I often find myself in similar intensely felt moments now, where I am in slow motion while all around me is at high speed. It's very beautiful, and allows me fleeting seconds of clarity, to really absorb and feel purest gratitude for where I have found myself on this journey of mine.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, and the weather is to your liking! Do you have any plans? Ideas Of Exceptional Splendidness?
We do. For more days like this.
Most certainly.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah well, here we are sadly lacking in cool breezes at present. Rather like a steam bath outside, interrupted by the occasional whopper of a thunderstorm. But we have strawberries and watermelon, peaches and tomatoes. And we're happy.

Unknown said...

Dear Ciara, again and again you help me find what is splendid and beautiful. Enjoy Summer!

Poetry24 said...

Much like yourself, Ciara, we're trying to make the most of each long day. We spent time outside with the twins, today. I dead-headed roses and they perfumed their little fingers with the dropped petals.

Acornmoon said...

What a lot of weather we are having, it is much the same here with conversation. I think you get less of the dull grey, monotonous and dreary clouds, it seems to "blow over" a little quicker where you live. Or maybe that is my imagination? Whatever the weather I am sure you will find beauty.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

A wonderful post as always, your descriptions perfectly paint pictures even without the lovely photos!

Hugs Jane

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Once again I am akin to a bit of your life in this sisters oldest just bought her first vinyl LP at the used record store in town and then today we shopped at the Sally Ann for more 75 cent records! Teaching her the technical workings of the 'turntable' and going through our old collection of records. Imagine trying to teach someone what a 'scratch' sounds like! Who knew! Have a wonderful summer on your lovely isle.

Rebecca S. said...

Ideas of Exceptional Splendidness are so very possible in summer, aren't they? Your words and photos are evocative of life by the shore. Such a gift for you all!

We are taking things day by day, as my teenagers all have jobs and we are preparing for the eldest to move away to attend college. It's freaking me out, but I am trying to remember that this too, I will get used to after a time. Our boys both collect vinyl records and love their warmth and full soundedness. Cheers!

Millie said...

We spent 6 days and nights in the West, fishing, swimming, boating, with no timetable. No mobile phones, no internet and the sky didn't fall in!
Back to normality now, and a timetable set by a herd of cows!