Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Finest Season.

There is a chilly~ness to the air these mornings, do you feel it? It's time to close the windows, take the door off the latch, usher the chill and the curious leaves out the door as we close it. After the school run I return to find cats snoozing in sunny corners,  and a stillness settles on the empty house, a stillness settles in me.

We have wandered into the outer skirts of Autumn, where the leaves still cling to the trees like bright banderole, little flags waving to us in their finest hour, and as we pass beneath them I am surprised to find somehow the routine of school has brought with it a familiar comfort.

One that includes being witness to that magic hour of dawn, of leaving the house before the sun has warmed the earth, the cool air like a whisper on my skin. One that includes condensed little parcels of productive time, so different from the carefree, whimsical summer-time, and considered meals that are a little more protracted in the making, providing a sense of sustenance and nourishment, and one that brings an actual bed~time for our brood of dearlings.

Scattered in amongst the sunlit days, we have had squally showers and a fetch of wild winds that howled for two days and a night causing many people to lose many things, including their nerve, their dignity, a small child on a bike (nearly), their gusto, and an imaginary toupee!

It was wild, but still we ventured out, and on one of the days we took to the hills after school, headed inland and up, wound our way through tree lined roads to a warm welcome in little house that nestles there, in amongst the green.

Will and Anita's woodshed. Preparing for winter.

And so, as small boys scattered, an echo of footsteps and excited voices, (emerging shortly to race into the garden as bears and knights and monsters), we mothers sat, hands wrapped around warm coffee cups, and talked up a storm, a long overdue catch~up kind of talk, the kind that covers many months and miles in a mere couple of hours.

The bounty of their garden.

We are submerging slowly now, into this, the finest of the seasons, it's bounty a cornucopia that swells around us by the day, urging us on towards the darkening of the year, the hedgerows and trees bowed down in sweet supplication, whispering to us, 'Jam! Jam! You need jam!'

And as I submerge, I soak it all up, as though storing in my bones for winter the finest of this season, the warmth and bounty and goodness, and I take it with me as I move through the cooling air and the first falling leaves, and all around me I hear murmurings of how you all love autumn best, and how you too are overcome by a growing desire to make and mend and settle in to the evenings that are drawing in around us.

Anita's handmade soap.
And although my plans for the end of the week were somewhat scuppered by my enthusiasm to do just about everything with my newfound long hours in the morning, and in doing so, I went and put my back out. So instead of getting any of the actual making that I had been planning, done, I have been killing time by playing with both Instagram (See the link in my sidebar on the right) and Pinterest, (Click the link to see!) with great enjoyment, I might add, but somehow just not quite so satisfying as bringing a vision in your head into 'real life'.

So here this showery Saturday finds me, in between hobbling around like a bent old Sean-bhean bhocht (poor old woman!), attempting to let go of my disappointment and just do what little I can. At least my favourite blue coat now has all it's buttons, and I may just finish my latest redwork.

And it is, after all, the weekend, and one, now, without any plans to do anything.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it's something lovely!


Mimi said...

Hi Ciara, beautiful pictures, they're one nicer than the next. I hate autumn, but loved reading this, drinking in your owrds and images. How does that make sense? I don't know.
Sorry your back got put out, maybe your body is telling you to stop a little, rest a little. There will be many mornings to do the things you want to do. Enjoy your (quiet) weekend.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Isn't all so cozy?! Just yesterday I made the first apple crisp from our trees and jam the day before.
I hope your back heals soon. Thanks for visiting and all of your sweet comments...have a restful weekend.

Mise said...

Poor you with a pesky back just as the peace descended. I hope it will allow you to lie by the fire and read, while all the autumnal domesticity can wait.

Rebecca S. said...

As I scrolled down through your pictures and words, I felt as though I were reading words I knew but hadn't expressed. Good thing you are here to do it for me. Autumn does have a soothing and warming domesticity about it. I too, am harvesting and cooking much more now, the work worth the thrill of opening up the freezer in mid-winter to find frozen peaches, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries for baking or jam-making.
This morning we attended the annual Fall Fair parade and then came in out of the rain and made tea with homemade lemon loaf. I plan to make a peach gallette tomorrow to serve with whipped cream. I would like to get out for a walk with my kids, too!
Thanks so much for your beautiful thoughts and images...I hope your back heals soon.

bright star said...

I really loved this beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the autumnal pictures and thoughts.It is a wonderful time of Angela

Formerly known as Frau said...

Favorite time of year as well....your pictures are beautiful I love how Autumn looks in your neck of the woods. Have a wonderful weekend!

yew tree nights said...

Such gorgeous photos and words! We've been having some wild weather up in the north-east of Scotland too... but that makes the fireside seem that much warmer and sweeter, don't it?
Get well wishes to you and your back, and I hope that you can also get some enjoyment in the time spent recovering.

Only A Girl said...

I am loving the coziness of sweaters and tea in the evenings.... but summer around here just won't quite leave yet! Soon, soon....

Poetry24 said...

Ciara, you have produced memorable images here, in photographs and words.

helen said...

I guess fall is here....or there!

Ciara Brehony said...

Thanks all, for your warm words and wishes. Yes, a quiet, restful weekend was had and I now feel ready for a gentle week ahead. C x

Millie said...

Autumn is great, isn't it!
I'm sorry to hear about your back...I hope it improves very soon. Take care of yourself.
I checked you out on's so terribly addicitve!

Sara said...

It is home whenever I visit your blog Ciara. I love it here so much.

My favorite season indeed. I love to see it through your eyes, so far away. Beautiful photos.


Elaine Prunty said...

your photographs , oh my oh my.....your photographs.....
a vision and an evocation ,
A reposed composure seems entirely suitable for enjoying them all the more.
i hope it's very temporary though , you and WE need more.....
enjoying my catch up here......really feeling the 14/15 year old 'contest' too.....ouch ouch ouch

Elaine Prunty said...

have to mention the word thing was leefeefu
how did they know ???

littlekarstar said...

An absolutely lovely post. Brings a real cosyness to your change in season...although I am so glad to be shaking winter off and donning joyful spring shoes! :)

Acornmoon said...

You paint such an enviable and cosy picture, a domestic haven filled with home cooked food and the sound of children playing.

I am reminded of the words of my mother-in-law who used to tell me that these are the best years of your life, she was right of course.

I hope you back soon mends, in the meantime keep warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

this made me smile :) beautiful photos, beautiful prose. <3

Kate Raven said...

Lovely blog, beautiful and inspiring post!

Ciara Brehony said...

Thank you all! I am mobile and healthy again. So nice to have such lovely comments landing in my inbox!

Hello to all the new faces here, and to a few much missed ones! C x x x