Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Tides Of Summer Rolling In.

Like an old friend, Summer has arrived again. Arrived and shaken out her bag, and we clamour round to peer in expectation, revealing a sparkling array of gatherings, of friends and family and celebrations.

And so we have been busy!

Making the most of the warmer weather, we have been shindigging and sharing, gathering and convening in all manners, spending time with family and friends.

We celebrated the arrival of summer, and the arrival of My Only Sister and her Darling Cherub all the way from the US, with our Annual Summer Solstice Party, a gathering of particular meaning and importance to me. And to be honest, what I would write here about that night I could not better what I wrote last year about it.

What is it? What is it in us humans that drives us to come together and share food and swap news and smooth out the wrinkles of time that have accumulated between us since last we saw one another until there are none? 

For all my pre-party stress I would not give this up. Even if I find that I miss out on actually speaking to some who come, for sheer want of just sitting down for a spell! This Gathering Together, this reconnecting, or indeed forging new connections, is the beat of my heart, is what fuels my passage through this blessed life I have been bestowed with. It is the oxygen in my blood.

Photo by Líosa.

And as I said before , if ever I need an affirmation, if ever I need an injection of wonder, of heartening wonder at the circle of life, then this annual event is just that. 
To witness, by virtue of this One Day a year, the passage through life of all these children as they swarm around us momentarily, and then fly off into the distant sun, they're wings outstretched in joyful anticipation, this is what gives me wings too.

So, as the air grows milder in this temperate isle of ours, as we brave our mediocre summer, we will, in true stalwart Irish fashion, make the most of it and carry on as though we basked in hot sun, regardless. We will take ourselves off to visit friends, and call them to visit us.

We will break bread and touch our glasses together, salute the long days. Give thanks for the bounty of friendship, more than anything, and the means to celebrate it.

And in doing so, I like to think somewhere, deep in their bones, our children will find these threads are woven tight, and so will continue this weaving and pulling together of family and friends, of holding tight.

For in the end it is in the weaving together we find our cushion in life. That which in turn holds us.


Jacqui said...

Hello from a fellow hipstamatic lover. - a friend sent me your blog link - how nice to share in another Summer. x

Poetry24 said...

Your posts are few and far between, but nonetheless pure poetry to read. I look forward to each and every one of them.

Annah said...

Dear sweet Ciara, your annual party is one of the highlights in our lives, let alone our summer.
It is wonderful to be welcomed and to gather with friend from all over, and reconnect for this magical night.
Thank you seems so trivial.....

Unknown said...

So Beautiful! Your party looks magical! What a wonderful tradition!

Acornmoon said...

I'll raise a glass to that Ciara!

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

" smooth out the wrinkles of time that have accumulated between us since last we saw one another until there are none"
Gah! What a wonderful way to put it. A gem of a post as always Ciara. Sorrier than ever to have missed the party now:(

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Yes, treasuring it all! Such wonderful words you pen to describe what I also feel about the fleeting moments of our lives. I truly enjoy visiting your world in Ireland...thanks for your kind comments on my blog...Happy Summer!

Mise said...

I'm just imagining Mary Poppins letting down her hair and living in your midst. What a wonderful, electric merry party; what a good thing to do.


Hej Ciara

Wonderful photos...
What an awesome get together of sharing...caring...
I LOVE your posts.
Time, family, special moments...all sewn together with LOVE.
'Bind us together...with chords that cannot be broken.'
Have a wonderful rest of summer my lovely.