Monday, 29 March 2010

Thoughts On Trying To Write A Book.

A strange few weeks.

After a long period of barren-headedness, a forced dry pen scratching against my brain,
urging me to write, to find the words I know lie in the strange warren that is my mind, but that somehow escape me, I find a little door at last.
And though once inside I find my story waiting, it seems the door has closed behind me!

So I am consumed. 

Voices clamour to be heard, some real, some imagined, and as plot lines are revealed to me and I marvel and wonder, stealing moments to scratch out some lines, I find my world to be strangely cocooned, with all other poetry fleeing into the day, and a week goes by with no blog updates. 

A sorry state. And one I must amend!

So. I've been looking outward, enjoying those extra few minutes of light in the evening that somehow bring an extra spring to your step. And loving the air that seems to puff up around everything, like a courting bird, it's feathers against your skin like a caress, a promise of summer. And even though it's barely a whisper that flees into the darkness when it arrives, it still lingers like a memory, hiding in the little buds that loom out of the night, tapping on the window, hiding in the night air that no longer nips and tugs and sneaks in through folds in your clothes.

And somehow, I have to make it work, that I can find a way to have two worlds within me that can co-exist with room for one another. 

And I am thankful for the things that both inspire and ground me. 

My children. Who always ground me!

 Gigi over at The Magpie's Fancy. For being in a similar boat and throwing occasional floats!

And my soundtrack, my music, without which... I can't even begin to imagine. It holds me up and helps me soar, always there, always inspiring. 

For something remarkable and tremendous have a look at my latest post on ~Carnival~. It's my gift to you...


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I cannot wait for your book!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Dearest Ciara,

I rushed over when I saw the title of your post because I was craving a little inspiration tonight. And then I was reveling in the beauty of your prose and feeling thankful for lines like "hiding in the little buds that loom out of the night, tapping on the window, hiding in the night air that no longer nips and tugs and sneaks in through folds in your clothes."

That would have been more than enough for me, but then you mentioned me and the little boat I'm in, floating alongside yours. Well, that gave me just what I need to keep going tonight and for many nights.

I'm excited that you are deep into the writing again, and I hear you when you talk about trying to balance two worlds at once. I don't even have kids, but still there is life and friends and little things like getting supper on the table or paying bills. Often when I'm out with friends these days my head is far away in a world of its own making, as I imagine yours is, too. It is truly and deeply good to know you are out there writing, and that you so get it!

May your pen (keyboard) be swift and your ink flow freely! xo Gigi

Poetry24 said...

Stay with it Ciara. Those words are just waiting to be gathered up and arranged in your own inimitable style.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, a gorgeous post.
Ireland definitely has a magical feeling about it at this time of year. Those photos are magical!
You will write that have a gift for words.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'll know someone famous!!!

Jess said...

The top picture is incredible! Well, both are really. I'm listening to James Vincent as I write this, so soothing and the perfect accompaniment! :o)xx

Mise said...

Very enterprising of you, Ciara! It sounds as though you're writing fiction, and poetic fiction at that? May inspiration and the literary agents be with you.

marty, sharon and pearl said...

delighted you've got your mojo back! it was only a matter of time.

your imagination certainly seems to be in overdrive with you blind guessing that my painted chest of drawers looks divine, lol! hope you're not disappointed when they finally do load!

and rain combined with school holidays....good luck with that one sx

Paddy said...

Your Muse has just been resting with the change to Spring. Let the light in - the cobwebs will disperse.

Hannah said...

Loved that post Ciara x

Lorna said...

Delighted to hear your writer's muse has returned - enjoy :-)

Mimi said...

" I can find a way to have two worlds within me that can co-exist with room for one another. "
This sounds like my life.
You are doing a great job of having the two lives co-exist, at least from where I'm standing.
Your book will be a joy to read.

CAM said...

There was a little click in my soul when I read your words....I love that feeling of being immersed in storytelling (the same feeling as you get when reading a good book and realise how much time has gone by). The music is the same for me too. I loved reading this post as it reminded me of that lovely fuzziness that comes with the mediation of creation.

Chris Judge said...

Ciara as they say 'Write what you know' and you certainly know your kiddies and the seasons, changing weather and beautiful landscapes in your part of the world. There's an amazing story all around you waiting to be carved out.

Rebecca S. said...

I find that when I have been dwelling in the higher plane of my mind where my imagination lives it can be hard to come down to the reality of earth. It's not that the happenings of my reality are not pleasant, it's just that making that shift from that plane to the ground is a skill. Each feeds the other, however, so I dwell, happier in each for allowing myself to become immersed in one and then the other.
So glad the book is coming along!

Unknown said...

Ciara, I'm sure you'll find your muse again, maybe where you least expect it.