Friday, 23 October 2009

A Breather.

Our favourite time,
when we get to be monsters,

And our focus returns to the quiet things,
the little things
that remind us
to slow down
and do something from scratch.

And that sometimes the simple things are good enough.

And as we look forward to a week of no school we can pause and look at one another
and say hello!


Paddy said...

Good fun.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A week of no school. In autumn. Wonderful!!
And what a fabulous mask.

Annah said...

Hi Ciara, We'd love to call over during the mid-term and say 'hello' too.......

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Wondeful photos as usual. I love this time of year. Dressing up is the best!!

Jess said...

It's great to be able to buy and play with 'making' things and halloween is a good enough reason for me! My 12 year old has grown a teeny bit bored of doing this but I'll still carry on!x

Chris Judge said...

More great photos! Looking forward to seeing all the Halloween costumes.

Laura said...

I love what you said about simple things being enough...that is right where I am focusing my attention these days.

Mel said...

A "bewitching" post, to be sure! I think you've captured the feel of what we'd all love our October to be like.

I have mentioned/tagged you, and Lisa, too, on my most recent post.... hope that's okay?


Team Russi said...

I love Fall, mostly due to the traditions. I find that many of these traditions are composed of the simple things. Everything seems crisper and cleaner. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season.

kuma said...

This is wonderful time of the year
nice pictures said things a simple way i love it .thanks a lot


barkod said...

it is very interesting :)) thanks a lot for the information


ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

very nice shot of the kids with the masks !

Nozomi Koh said...

good faces!

Jen said...

oh. cute photos c: great blog.