Friday, 4 September 2009

Introducing Oz.

A busy back-to-school week was had here.

We now have a teenager in Secondary school, an event which has been long anticipated. The Eldest has been ready to go for about two years now! He has taken it all in his stride, even when a wee bit daunted by the newness of it all, which includes using public transport on his own for the first time.

We also have a new member added to our family.

Meet Oz!

My Only Girl has been waiting a long time for this little fellow. And I have to say he is a dream kitten.

It's been a tiring week, but very nice to get back to something of a routine. Our first day back poor Smallest thought that all our talk of 'You can go to playschool if you go on your potty like J' was a great big lie when he didn't get to stay with his big brother in school. Poor fella! And we have another two weeks before playschool actually starts...

Hope you all had a lovely week, and here's to a relaxing weekend!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, Oz looks to be the perfect cat indeed! Look at those eyes in that black little face. Congratulations on your new family member!

My heart goes out to the intrepid students. Every September, the night before the first day of school, my husband always says how happy he is that he does not have to go! Me, well I sort of liked school.

Tia said...

Hi Ciara , yeah the first week is always a bit crazy ;) LOVE to meet OZ looks SO sweet !!! We`re back into a routine as well here with Homeschool...the week flew !!! enjoy the weekend now !

Jess said...

Hi Ciara, It's a big step up to secondary school what with travelling alone for the first time. In a years time it will feel like he's been doing it forever! Oz is gORGeous - you lucky thing!x

Péitseoga said...

what a cutie!

mimi charmante said...

Do you just shake your head at how time flies by? I now have one in high school, one in jr. high, and one in elementary. #4 is home with me and would LOVE to be going on the bus with #3. Now that the big boys are back to school we are attempting to potty train but it isn't going all that well...
Have a lovely weekend my friend!

Acornmoon said...

How I miss those nights when I had name tapes to sew onto new school uniforms!

Amber said...

Oh my god Oz is sooooooo cute...can i have a cuddle?

Mel said...

First, let me say, your kids deserve extra special kudos for being so enthusiastic about School! Fantastic, Billy, Ru, and though you don't mention Finn's enthusiasm, I know such an excellent writer must be looking forward at least a bit to being with fellow intellects. (?)

OZ! Perfect! A black cat with latent stripes! (?) The benefit of two forms of gorgeousness. The tabby in him will make him most loyal, I think. He may even miss the 2 year old indifferent adolescent period altogether.

How my 2 would love a kitten as a "back to school" gift. They've only been begging for one for years, but we fear that our elderly feline breast cancer survivor would be put too much to the test undeservingly at this point. And we don't want any excess motherly hormones resurfacing which could be bad for her as she's plenty to begin with.

LUCKY!!!!!! ;)

Oh, Ru, you're gonna knock'em dead for sure in Middle School! I started on public transportation alone, too, at that age... very cool to feel a part of the city and it's process.

We've been wishing for an extension to summer here, but can't complain at all the crisp fall weather. We only go back on Tuesday, so I guess we are already later than everyone else! Still, I have pangs on behalf of my 2, especially my guy who begins HIGH SCHOOL in 2 days... How I am both excited and wishing I could turn back the clock!

Thought of you yesterday, Ciara, as at the "Scottish Games" I spied what I just knew to be some Irish weavings. They were gorgeous multicolor open weave scarves, and wouldn't you know? They were made in Wicklow!


Anonymous said...


lovely little kitty.

i know, someone i am enjoying the structure that comes with school time in this very unstructured home.

here's to a great schoolyear.

Esti said...

Not only I wonder how time flies when I see my girls grow and start a new schoolyear, but also when I come here, read your thoughts and how fast your kids are growing too. Yes, here's to a new schoolyear indeed! and to us to see it and blog it!

Emma said...

Sounds like everyone is looking forward to getting back to school and catching up with school friends. Poor little Billy will get there soon, but I am sure it was hard for him to understand. Congratulations to Ru on entering secondary school! And to Finn on the new kitty.

Anonymous said...


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