Monday, 17 August 2009

A Blessing Of A Kind.

I do love when,

every so often, in the day to day blur,

I am reminded, in a moment of clarity,

of just how good life can be.

We may not solve every problem,

or even come close.

We may not get everything right,

or be happy with the choices we have made.

But it is such a blessing to sit around a table,

with familiar faces,

and know that if nothing else we can simply do our best.

And our children will stand testament to our endeavors.

And they will show us that we can be good enough.


Tia said...

yes indeed Ciara, SIMPLICITY is the key xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A blessed moment of clarity.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, Ciara.

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhh, yes. those moments.

to just let things just be good enough the way they are.

Annah said...

So lovely Ciara, and so true....

catfish said...

yes indeedy..those moments when your heart's content and all is right with the world and smiles abound..and we stay up too late....