Monday, 20 July 2009

A Week Of Pictures.

So much happening here, between family, building, and everything that they involve.
And I know posts have been thin on the ground, and I'm cheating by just doing posts like this, but I promise next week we'll be back on track.

In my kitchen one morning.

Eeeww! Pigs!

The quiet in the glade.

At the The Hermitage.

Through the doorway.

(You should have seen The Smallest's face...)

From inside.

Judith's door, The Hermitage.

In my hallway. Where will we put them all now?

Seize the day, sunshine or not.

What they found abandoned.


Carol Murdock said...

Love the pictures! Where did you get all those books? And baby ducks?

Ciara Brehony said...

Thanks Carol!

Ah the books... well, I'm actually going to do a seperate post about that, but let me just say they are about one fifth the books we have in our house! But that particular pile has a little story which I have been waiting to tell, so watch this space!

And baby ducks, yes... sigh. The nest had fallen off the cliff and mother duck had taken off. Even if she came back there's no way she could have carried so many back up the cliff. Eight were taken away and are now happily adopted by a mother hen who lost her chicks to a fox... aww. All very Beatrix Potter isn't it! Two more were found later, and all we could do was hope MD came back back back!

Elaine Prunty said...

is "the hermitage" another name for your house?
it looks really lovely.
stained glass window looks amazing,is that your mams work?
looks like another great week at milkmoon

Lisa said...

What a week! I love the butterfly shot! Did you keep the ducklings? Have another great week!

affectioknit said...

So sweet - I love that you took care of the babies...

Tia said...

Aw Ciara, those heart just went...well done for rescuing them,so many wouldnt !And those kinda hallway :) Lots of books here too, far too many for such a tiny cottage (so Seany says) but I say "never" :0) The pics are worth waiting for dear, enjoy your week and hope your sister is having a good time !

Paddy said...

Nice shots.
Farmer Ed checks where his rashers come from.
Did no one see the hen levering the duck's nest off that cliff?

Baglady said...

Your pictures are stunning. You have such a wonderful eye!

Anonymous said...

So not too worry. I love posts like this. Your pictures are so welcoming.

And a bag of ducklings. Sweet, sweet mama.

Sarah said...

it is like Hilltop alright ;-)

BT said...

Lovely photos. I can't remember how I got here! Via someone and someone else I expect. I live in County Clare, the wetter part of Ireland! Love your blog, I've had a great time perusing your posts. Will bookmark it now. Your children look blissfully happy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...