Thursday, 23 July 2009

Things We Found.

Renovating part of our house over the last three weeks has been revealing in so many ways. There has been a number of things from another era that we found or uncovered and I would love to share with you. So with that in mind I have a few posts lined up for the next few days.

But first I thought I'd share something a bit more recent, but that was mislaid and turned up in all the moving and shifting that is going on.

It's a poem that My Only Girl wrote last year when she was ten.

A Country Life.

May make-up be every girls priority,
But me I like the forestry,
Down the road and by the shed,
I delight in seeing it from my bed.

At night the moon it glistens far
beyond my room, beyond the farm.
It sees things that I cannot see,
like sleepy little bumble bees.

In summer I am happy to see
the trees are growing wild and free.
Unlike the ones in winter's crawl,
they're fresh and green and never fall.

By Me age 10.


Tia said...

from a fellow poet (ess) Finn, I like your style ! Well done keep up the writing, truly ! Tia :)

Paddy said...

Well done, Finn.
Keep writing and enjoy the magic.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A tiny glimpse into her beautiful soul! How wonderful.

Karen said...

What a lovely poem Finn X

Mel said...

Ah, Finn, what a lovely and moving poem! Kindred spirits, I say, too. Wherever I happen to live, the view of the trees starts and ends the way I feel about the place. The last time I moved, it was winter and the trees were all "asleep" but still I felt compelled to go round and say goodbye to each of my dear friends.

Keep writing! You've got such a talent! I hope you don't mind if I put a copy of this inside my copy of Irish Rhymes*? I houses so many favorites already!

Especially (do you know or like any of these poems?)The Thin Cat, October's Party, The Irish Student and his Cat, Bird Thoughts, Mr. Nobody, The Wood of Flowers, The Garden Grass, The Baby over the Way.

Brava to you!


Emma said...

I love this poem, Finn! You are a great writer. You have a wonderful way of phrasing things, like, "the sleepy little bumble bees," and "winter's crawl." Excellent. Keep writing!

eda said...