Sunday, 28 June 2009

A Weekend Of Pictures. And Words.

I sit in the quiet house, darkness pressing against the windows. 

The drizzle outside is a welcome old friend that has been absent so long, 
silently drenching the parched garden, 
now sighing with relief.

I had to wait so long for the darkness to arrive.
And now I'm waiting to hear car wheels on the road 
outside the window,
bringing home Jay and The Eldest, ears ringing from the music they rocked out to all evening.

There are little sighs and faint breathing from my sweet pink-cheeked baby, slumbering beside me on the couch where I have left him. I should have put him into his bed but... well, I'm not ready to be that relaxed and trusting yet. It just seems too far away, where it is at the far end of the house.

This weekend, endless sunshine, and friends. 

There was a birthday party,
and a whole heap of wild things who tore around like loons, and brought their wonderful joy and energy to us.

After an evening of sitting far into the cooling night around the campfire with friends, and allowing myself to do nothing today but more of the same, I feel rejuvenated and nurtured. And thank you to Lisa and Bill for taking me on holiday in my own garden, and to Jo for bringing us dinner, and lending us her children, and their paddling pool.

You brought us succour, friends. 

All better now.

Birthday cake by Lisa
There is a strange satisfaction in letting go of something that I am normally so controlling of. Thank you for taking that load off me my friend!

This moth was in my hall last night. 
I swear I did not photoshop this photo!

Marshmallows over a campfire. 

As the sun goes down.

Just being kids.

Happiness is...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Mel said...

I'm enchanted reading your words... thank you for sharing your weekend with us.

Amazing moth, cutie pie cute as ever, a cake to dive into in more ways than one, the whirling activities of happy lives intersecting...

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So many kids.
And wonderful cake.
So glad the baby is better.

Therese said...

looks like a fabulous weekend!♥

Annah said...

Great to see you being nurtured in so many ways Ciara. Hope to see you soon. Happy Birthday Finn. I loved their video, and their Production name!

Lisa Conmara said...

:- D

Paddy said...

Great collection of photos.

Jess said...

Thankyou for sharing your lovley weekend :o)

Jo said...

Magic photos, as always - and the cake!! My god, work of art.

Tia said...

Hi Ciara, glad Billy better...with Sean, myself and Shauna (RIP) all having epilepsy I know how jard it is to relax and stop "watching"...I`ve been keeping a candle lit for you all and for Billys continued health. As for the moth ,Ibelieve you ,we`ve had some weird and wonderful moths in our cottage this last few weeks too :)

Erin said...

Beautiful words.. sweet photos.. lovely warm happy moments..

Esti said...

like your words, the feeling, the beautiful moth, the cake, the fire...