Thursday, 21 May 2009

Something Lovely.

We have spent the last few nights going through a big old suitcase of photographs. 
A whole chunk of our life just sitting there waiting to be rediscovered. 
It's amazing. 
The things you forget. The names and faces that are familiar yet unremembered.

 And the names and faces that are still part of your life yet somehow changed.

There are whole swathes of our memories, seasons of our years, that are carefully held in these images.
And I find myself again and again, marveling at how timeless they are. 
All the forgotten photographs that include my children, are somehow my own memories,
my own childhood.

I see myself, my brothers, my sister. 
My parents.
I see us all on this wonderful wheel of life.
There seems no dividing line at times.

We are one.
And the summer grass is mine,
crisp and dry and bristly underfoot.

And the sky forever wheels overhead,
like a friendly hand anointing our blessed heads.

We are running barefoot and innocent once again.

And I am reminded so clearly of all the things I loved. The things that do not change. 
And though my life is changed,
is changed beyond belief,

And I have changed,

Though this is true, one thing remains the same:

We who are born and raised together,
time and distance may capture,

but the bond we cannot break.


Emma said...

Wonderful and moving. You bring a tear to my eye. I love the forgotten, faded photos.

Silke Powers said...

That was beautiful and so true. I just looked at old photos today and had very similar thoughts...:) Silke

Sara said...

Beautiful! What a treat to look at old pictures. And let those memories and the love flow.

Andrew Judge said...

Lovely thoughts Ciara

Mel said...


Launi said...

Lovely. I remember the backyards that looked just that way. Thanks...

affectioknit said...

beautiful sweet memories...

marta said... nice Ciara

Antoinette said...

It's a beautiful, poignant thing going through old photies. Seeing the precious links between our own childhoods and our children's.

And those bonds you speak of - so true.

Esti said...

I hang to these words of yours...

our little love nest said...

So positively spine tingly true and lovely! What a beautiful blog you have.

our little love nest said...

I linked you up just now with the pretty music video you posted a little while ago.

Fine Little Day said...

These photos are awesome Ciara.