Sunday, 3 May 2009

A New Chapter.

This boy of ours,

This day he has been waiting for,

For his whole life it seems.

This boy

Is now a TEENAGER!!



mimi charmante said...

Happy happy birthday Ruadhan! What a milestone~

Ciara, I gave you an award today so come on over and take a peek!


Deborah said...

what fantastic photos!Breithla shona dhuit ruadhan le mile gra o deb and co xxxxxx

Deborah said...

congrats to Ciara and Jay too!xxxxxxx

Sara said...

Happy birthday Ruadhan.

Annah said...

Happy memories to you all, and hope you have a wonderful year ahead Ruadhan.
Michael went fishing to Kilcoole this morning, and sent me a photo of the sunrise, so beautiful.
Such a beautiful place to live...
I met a girl from Bray today at The Crafty Market, and she is looking for a studio space, I have her number if you want to get in touch with her.

Mel said...


OH wow! How very exciting!! Congratulations, young MAN!

And how glorious are those photos? And how they so very much capture the feeling we can well imagine!

Flying so high! He can actually touch the sky! Love it!

Your joy is contagious! :D

Enjoy your day-- and many happy returns to you!

Paddy said...


Enjoy the big occasion

Tia said...


Unknown said...

Happy 13th Birthday Ruadhan! It's your lucky day.

Lisa Conmara said...

Good for you Ru!

Jo said...

Ah, what briliant photos! Love it!

Happy Birthday!!

Elaine Prunty said...

your photos really capture that brillant exhilaration ..

..I have one of them due in june ( ie a teenager) ,

it's the parents i feel sorry for !!!

happy birthday to your new teenager

Esti said...

Fantastic photos! Great feeling!

Happy Birthday Ru!

marta said...

i hope you had a great day
and many celebrations to come

sorry the skype and mu accent dindt make it easy to have a conversation but it was great to see you and have a little chat
see you soon


Emma said...

Happy birthday, Ru!!! Wow, thirteen. Congratulations on becoming a teenager. What fantastic photos.

Chris Judge said...

Happy Birthday Ru! Can't believe you're a teenager! We'll be the same age soon at this rate. The exciting chapter two of your life starts here.

Anonymous said...

and that would be pure joy i suppose, seen here.

i have always thought boys more difficult as wee ones and much easier as teenagers, but i could be wrong.

Unknown said...

Happy happy happy birthday Ru. Enjoy the freedom that comes with the teen years and build lots of great memories.

I love the photos Ciara. The 3rd and 4th one reminds me of 'garden state'