Monday, 27 April 2009

What I Owe John Martyn.

On Saturday evening,
as light slants in the windows, and the house is quiet,
with only the murmur of the tv drifting up from the sitting room.

I'm going out tonight.

In the hallway, I pause at the mirror.
Behind me, in the kitchen, a quiet song, this song, is playing,
has crept into my ear.

In my mirror, this is what I behold.

Jay is doing his magic.

He hums along quietly, 
rocking to sleep,
our child, 
pulled into sleep,
a song that tugs my heart,
a scene that tugs my heart.

I step out of my heels,
and into the kitchen.

Reluctant to leave.


Spencer the Rover.

This tune was composed by Spencer the Rover
As valiant a man as ever left home
And he had been much reduced
Which caused great confusion
And that was the reason he started to roam.

In Yorkshire near Rotherham, he had been on the ramble
Weary of travelling, he sat down to rest
By the foot of yon' mountain
Lays a clear flowing fountain
With bread and cold water he himself did refresh.

With the night fast approaching, to the woods he resorted
With wood, vine and ivy his bed for to make
But he dreamt about sighing
Lamenting and crying
Go home to your family and rambling forsake.

Twas the fifth day of November, I've reason to remember
When first he arrived home to his family and friends
And they did stand so astounded
Surprised and dumbfounded
To see such a stranger once more in their sight.

And his children come around him with their prittle prattling stories
With their prittle prattling stories to drive care away
And he's as happy as those
As have thousands of riches
Contented he'll remain and not ramble away.


McVal said...

OHHHH! That is so sweet! I hope you had a good evening out tho!

McVal said...

I've given you an award at my blog.

marty, sharon and pearl said...

hey ciara - not said hi in ages. gorgeous snaps sx

Andrew Judge said...

Lovely. One of the sweetest moments of my life was seeing John Martyn in the local pub here in Grange. Mum and Dad came to see him too. A beautiful voice. A sadly missed man...

Paddy said...

Great to peep in there at the end of an evening.

Erin said...

Thank you for inviting us to share this precious moment with you. Hope you had a lovely evening out. :)

Anonymous said...

what a treasure. an absolute treasure.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh. Frame that last photo!
Such peace.

Annah said...

tears again.....

marta said...

how lovely Ciara

Esti said...

thanks for sharing this precious moment of yours.

Annah said...

I love your new profile photo Ciara. Stunning.

Aoife said...

Beautiful song, beautiful baby, beautiful moment!

Tia said...

Such a sweet lucky we are with our men :)

Deirdre said...

Very sweet. Love the last photo.

Ciara Brehony said...

Thanks all for your sweet words, and yes I had a lovely night out! Sometimes it's just what you need. :-)

Anonymous said...

ciara, these last two posts show what a lovely family you have.