Wednesday, 1 April 2009

And Then Came The Sun.

Thank you all for your sweet words on yesterdays post. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? And we are all the same, us mother's, aren't we?

I suppose I am feeling nostalgic for the little boy who is gone, and it makes me all the more aware of the younger ones. And then I feel like I am not giving them enough time. And then I wonder if I am meeting their needs adequately. And then I worry!! Eeeee!

I am amazed at him. Yes, he is becoming an amazing person. And if I can get over my feelings of inadequacy then I am free to just marvel!  

And so, today the sun did shine, and The Eldest was with his friends all day, playing football, and came home late and three inches taller.

And between bathing in sunlight and chasing our shadows in sun-fuelled delight, a good day was had by all.


mimi charmante said...

Oh, please please please send some my way! I am nearly desperate for spring to come - and stay for more than two hours!

Erin said...

Sweet photos of the prince & the princess! :)

Paddy said...

April is here!

Elaine Prunty said...

If only we could forget about the inadequecies and just concentrate on the marvelling .

PS Ciara,Please don't buy magazine on my account ,and instead take note of the date of the posting!!!!
It's just wishful thinking on my part but if I put it out there ,then, maybe, one day soon. I really will be in it. Hope your smiling ,Elaine :0))

Deirdre said...

The heat of the sun is really welcome. lovely photos.

Leigh Shepherd said...

Time really does seem to speed up when you become a Mother! The little ones seem to change a little every day.
Thank you for stopping by my blog:)

Emma said...

Lol! I love the action man in the first photo, with the flying red cape. Great shot. And madam is just the epitome of tweendom, isn't she! Another great shot. That would make a great book cover.

Antoinette said...

Great pix. I'm feeling what you express about my little girl. She is getting so big! And I am full of nostalgia for the baby and toddler that she was. And worried that I am not grabbing enough of the fleeting moments that pass by so quickly.

But capturing these wonderful days full of sunshine and play is lovely, and somehow helps to slow things down a little.

Anonymous said...

so much melancholy and joy on your blog here lately. such is life.

may your wee and not so wee ones continue to amaze you!