Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Nearly There.

This is what my workspace looked like last night as I sewed like mad to get our Big Softees in the post on time today.

And this is the only distraction for him that worked!

Though in the end the finishing touches weren't done until this morning. And a big thanks to my parents for some last minute babysitting!


marta said...

Ciara!! he is so....eatable!!!!!!! xxxx

In the present. said...

They are great....Don't know where you get the time!! Just when I see the sewing machine there can I ask you if you would recommend yours or another model. Feel a purchase coming on! Have been using a neighbours and my mothers for too long now!!

In the present. said...
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Ciara Brehony said...

Sinead ; My machine is a brother. It was the second cheapest in Argos at the time! It's basic but does everything I need. I bought it in an emergency about four years ago ad it has been problem free. Just buy a name you know. Brother or Bernina would be my choice. Hope that's helpful!