Saturday, 19 April 2008


You may remember I featured the gorgeous prints from amazingly talented Rob Ryan a few months ago on Something Lovely. Well, there I was having a wander around the www late last night, just so I was good and sleepy before putting my head down, when, through a series of links I can't even remember now, I discovered that Mr. Ryan has a blog. And there he mentions that he has designed a skirt for Clothkits! Isn't it fab? And apparently there is more to come. Must have.

Remember Clothkits? So 70's. With a mother that can make anything but shoes I was never going to have a clothkits item, though there may have been some in a hand-me-down bag somewhere along the line. For those of you that don't remember, they are patterns for clothes, and dolls, that anyone can sew. You just pick the size you want, cut along the dotted line and sew it up. Brilliant!

I love the internet...


Unknown said...

I have no memory of Clothkit clothes, but that, as you say, is probably because Mum would consider them cheating! I love this Rob Ryan design.

Anonymous said...

Get out of my dreams and into my wardrobe! Or rather, onto my sewing machine and then into my wardrobe. Thanks so much for this Ciara. I will definitely be purchasing!