Thursday, 6 March 2008

Real Life.

Yesterday was one of those days when life puts it's hands on either side of your face and looks you in the eye. You can't escape it. You have no choice but to look back, into the heart of it. What do you see?

Left behind,
I become a shadow, see-through,
the bird soars while I am here feet firmly on the earth, surrounded by my mountains,

I see birth, oh joy!
a new family member, a birth that is also a balm,
a beautiful ray of sunshine in the heart of the winter that is grief,

and I see death,
a heartbreaking, untimely, tragic

I am afraid, when I am see-through,
to put myself in their shoes,

I cannot,

but life has me by the face.

This is it. It is the joy and the grief and the heartbreak and the tragedy and the beauty and the wind in the grass and the sun on the sea and the little hand in mine and the trusting eyes on mine and the welcome at the door and the storm and the rush and all those sweet heart-seizing moments and the frustrating ones and the look that says it all.

It's all there. And some days are like that, where it all collides in the air above you and it engulfs you and leaves you completely stunned.

That was one of those days.