Monday, 17 March 2008

My Little Chef.

Ok. It's almost two weeks now that Jay is gone. I have had countless dinners and 'sleep-overs' in my parents, (thanks Mum and Dad, as always), dinner and 'sleep-overs' in Joan and Dominic's, lovely bean feast in Jude and Steve's, delicious Indian meal in Carole and Paul's on Saturday night. Am I forgetting anyone? Thank you all. This is what makes it a bit more bearable.
But after nearly two weeks now I am flagging, and the last thing I felt like doing was cooking tonight.

The Eldest loves cooking. His latest favourite movie at the moment is Ratatouille. He absolutely loves it. He was watching it this evening when I was trying to encourage myself to get up off my chair and cook dinner. In a flash he turned off the movie, disappeared into the kitchen and came back announcing that he was going to do stir-fry and noodles for dinner.

With a little bit of help from his little brother.

We had an amazingly delicious and perfectly cooked dinner.

And I promised to mention these cakes he made last Monday and Wednesday.

It was my Dad's birthday on Thursday, and the cake was by The Eldest.

More cake on Monday too, just because.

And I didn't lift a finger.

I am grateful, proud and very reassured.


Lisa Conmara said...

good man ruan! xx

Paddy said...

Well done, Ruadhan (and Edmund). The cakes were great.
I am sure your Mum is very proud of the excellent cook and baker.
We know that Finn is also a celebrity chef, so leave some of the ingredients for another day!

Emma said...

Wow, Ru! I knew you liked cooking, but I didn't know you were ready to take over the kitchen. Well done. That stir-fry looks delicious, and I wish I could taste those cakes.

It all looks so yum!

Esti said...

Wow! He's a genius! The cake looks great!

marta said...

Ru!!! please please please!!! can we live with you?!!!!!

Chris Judge said...

Jeepers well done Ru, I couldn't do any of that until I was 25! Keep it up and you'll have your own TV show in 5 years. Move over Jamie Oliver.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks incredibly delicious! I'm going to show these photos to my daughter who loves to cook right now.

Just found your blog via Homebug via Fine Little Day. I can't wait to dig in as my family is originally from Ulster.