Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We woke up to sunshine. The excitement! After giving Lisa a quick ring there was the familiar mad dash out the door to see the parade. So far we have not ventured in to the city with them. I just know the St. Patrick's Day 'Festival' is not what it was when we were kids, where all the little ones were ushered to the front by beaming, well-wishing grown-ups. It was a vaguely down at heel affair with not much more than marching bands and some clowns and funny bicycles, and after that, well, it was companies advertising themselves on floats with about as much imagination as a ham sangwich. But we loved it! I know the parade in Dublin will be great fun when they are older, but for now, Greystones has enough of what we need.

As usual, we missed the first few minutes, but it's the slightly hotch-potch (and I mean this in the best way), slightly innocent everyone doing their bit, everyone doing their best, kind of air about it that I just love. The little ones were enthralled to see a row of vintage tractors or the local Judo Club kids in their suits. They didn't care. And the older ones were delighted to be told they could go off up the main street and meet us later. The freedom!

We always have an icecream after, even if it's about to snow. Today was perfect. A cold wind but warmth in the sun.
Then it was back home for some lunch, which you may read about over on What We Eat!

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