Sunday, 20 January 2008

Some Random Things.

Things have been very quiet and humdrum around here this week. The weather has been so miserable that we have hardly been out at all. While trawling through our thousands of photos in order to send on some long promised ones to friends I came across various random photos that made me smile. I thought I'd share some with you.

One thing about having small children in the house is the odd and sometimes beautiful things you come across in the funniest of places. A ping-pong ball in your shoe, a missing phone in the saucepans, daisies in the fridge. My favourite was two little pink pigs floating in a glass of water on the window-sill, so they would grow big.

Funny little notes in funny places.

This was The Little One having a rest and 'looking at the bluey-ish-ness". The note on the headboard is from My Girl. I get a lot of notes from My Only Girl. This one reads 'I love you varey varey mush".

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Emma said...

Surfer Ed Super Star!