Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Day I Didn't Have.

What an incredible day.
I think we have all forgotten that it's still January, and Christmas is only a matter of weeks behind us. It was like late spring here today, endless blue skies, mild breeze. Pity then that I didn't get to set foot outside the door, and instead just squinted out my window from where I lay shivering and sweating under my duvet. Yes, flu. It doesn't happen very often, but at least this time it was on a Sunday, and Jay was here. So when things got a bit intense, Jay suggested a walk down the lane to the beach. I just handed them the camera, rolled over and gratefully slept. (As did Finn who was up half the night at Mary's slumber party.) Oh the peace...

So, here's a selection of photos taken by Jay and Ru.


Emma said...

Sorry to hear you are sick, Sis. I hope you are feeling better soon. Ask Jay to make some French onion soup.


Ciara said...

Ah ha! Good idea! Back to life today, but wish I was in bed!
C x