Monday, 17 December 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...At Last.

Yes. At last, we got our tree today. Those darling kiddies were so patient. I think this is the latest we have ever waited. So we set off to The National Garden Exhibition Centre, which is a favourite of ours. What is it about garden centres that are just so much fun! Although this is a special one. We didn't go into the actual gardens today as they were too set on the whole tree business. Santa was paying a visit when we got there, much to their delight. I just love how magical it is at The Little One's's age. He gets all bashful and wide-eyed. At the school fair last weekend as we waited to go in I asked him what he would tell Santa when asked what he wanted. Well, the look I got! (I'm not sure if it was scorn or disbelief.) "But he KNOWS what I want!" (Tut). Though he never twigged that it was our good friend Tim behind the beard on that occasion.
However, I digress.

They took their goodie bags outside and had a run around in the freezing cold, flying from one thing to another. The place is crammed with life-size animals, statues, fountains, hidey-holes, hot-tubs, wooden chalets, and of course rows and rows and rows of plants and trees. They found a warm spot to guzzle the goodies!

We trooped inside for some apple pie and hot chocolate to warm us up. Picked up some presents and then, at last, at last the tree! Oh, the excitement!

So, the tree is now in it's corner in the sitting room, half dressed. We discovered we need some new lights!


Emma said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I can only imagine how magical it all is for the kids. Let's see a picture of your tree!

Ciara said...

As I said, it's in progress. I'll have one up in the next day or two. Promise!
C x