Sunday, 16 December 2007

Lovely Things.

I love it, every year, when the boxes are opened and all the glittery lovely-ness gets pulled out and some of it is lovingly familiar, and some of it forgotten and now lovingly remembered again. We all have our favourite's that we dive for and bags to put up. We usually let the kids decorate the tree, but Jay gets to put the star on top, and my favourite is tying red satin ribbons on the ends of the branches.

Aren't these just dotey! A woman who lives around here make them every christmas, along with other Steiner inspired crafts. To me they embody the spirit of this holiday season.

This is a little curio I found loose in a book. I don't know what it is about it that I just love. It must be an illustration from some other story. I'd love to find out from what though.


Emma said...

Those elven shoes are adorable.

Ciara Brehony said...

Aren't they! I've been meaning to make some for a few years now. Hmm.. There's an idea...