Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Festive Food Really Begins.

Well, as usual yesterday morning was babyday. It really is an excuse to eat all sorts of yummy things and it took no time for the festive food to creep in over the last few weeks. It's so lovely to take a little breather at the end of the week to sit in someone's cosy kitchen and talk. Not rush around, in and out of car, school, shops etc. We generally cover everything from parenting issues, recipes, books, (lots of that), local info, global issues, movies. You get the picture.

This group has been on-going since before I started going with Ru eleven years ago. It has changed over the years, obviously, as children grow up and go to school, new people join, old people come back. It's been a regular and important part of my life for as long as I've been a parent. And I've met some of the best people through it. A bunch of us who were there years ago still meet under the guise of a book club, though the books may get read, they don't get much air space in the ensuing conversation!

So here's to all the Mama's and Babies who have been there down the years. Joyful Festive eating to you all!
This weeks Pics are from Lucy's kitchen. Look at that stollen! Yum...

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