Monday, 2 January 2012

After The Long Hiatus, Unplanned, A Recap.

First things first, dear readers, a Happy New Year to you one and all. I do hope the holiday brought good cheer and festive shenanigans, with lots of jovial folk around you!

Ours was lovely, with lots of walks and baking and visiting and do-nothing days. We've sadly had no snow so far this year, although last years white Christmas was a spectacular anomaly, and we do hope we get some yet.

And so, a quick recap of the season's festivities in the Milkmoon household:

Walking the Solstice Spiral in school.
Christmas Eve in our kitchen.
St. Stephen's Day walk.
Out Walking.

My MIL's Christmas tree.

Visiting Family, Friends, Neighbours.

Every good wish to you all, dear friends, for bountiful blessings,
both big and small, for the coming year.
May you be surrounded by lots and lots of love and happiness.


Mom said...

Happy 2012 to you. I've missed your beautiful pictures. Glad to have you back.

Susan said...

Hello Ciara....So glad you are back!

So happy to hear you had a wonderful holiday.

Now here is to the year ahead! May it be a fabulous one for all of us! Susan

Poetry24 said...

All good wishes for the New Year to you and yours, Ciara.

gz said...

Good to see you again, glad you had a good time.
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Have a Good New Year!

Anonymous said...

oh Ciara, what beautiful photos! happy new year:)

Mimi said...

Hi again Ciara, I didn't realise there was another post!
even though I get what you said about the iPhone pics, these are still lovely in their atmosphere and some of them have beautiful light.
Sometimes, I think we can capture atmosphere, unstaged, with the phone that would be impossible if you were to point a camera. It's as though people don't realise you're taking a PHOTO!

The Dirt Dude said...

It's heartening to see that you can still walk a Solstice Spiral in school over there. Here, you would be hauled in front of the Christian Inquisition.

Ciara Brehony said...

Mike, I'm not sure most Christian schools would allow it! But that is what makes a multi-denominational school so special. It gives the children a well rounded understanding of all religions. There is no room for fear and suspicion in a heart or mind that feels a true understanding and empathy for others. As parents that is incredibly important to us. xx