Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The End of October.

It's the last day of October. It feels like summer is finally over although today is tropical outside. The colours on the trees have been the most beautiful I can remember. We have had sunny days when we should have had rain and wind. I have no doubt the rain and wind are on their way, but for now we can enjoy the summers last breath.
The sea is quiet today. Little waves rolling gently back over themselves, surf sucking back through the shingle.

I know there is something wrong when there is no time to make bread. When there is no time for stories. When bedtime comes and I feel as though I haven't seen one of the children, although they have been here with me. This unseasonal weather has thrown things askew. Now that we are indoors that bit more, these are the things that we should naturally find ourselves doing. So here we have a week off from the manic day to day. So, first I'm going to go out into the sun and hang up some washing while they run around, play on the swings. I will pause and listen to the sea, the reeds rustling in the breeze. I will listen to their voices, to their laughter, yes, even to their arguments. And then we will go to my parents, and Jay will come and we will dress up and paint our faces, and carve our pumpkin and knock on doors. There will be money in their dinner, and maybe a ring in the tea brack.
And tonight I will stand at my door and I will welcome the new season of darkness and I will breathe. I will breathe. And I will give thanks.
'All is safely gathered in.'

Here are some final summer pictures to bid goodbye to the sun.

The Night Before...

I have had a lovely day. A lovely 24 hours in fact. I went to see the gorgeous Amiina in Dublin last. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And another lovely day today. We had a photo shoot with the gorgeous and talented Cliona O'Flaherty this morning.The kids got to dress up in fancy dress and loll around with teddies and have their photos taken. Talk about hard work!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Favourite Kiddie Things.

It's late, and I'm about to head to bed. Barry Lyndon comes on the tv. A movie I have never seen, even though it's there on the shelf as it's one of Jay's favourite's. And I hear this voice narrating in the background, as I sit here. I am transported. I don't know who it is that is narrating, (I'll find out and let you know!) but it's a voice that instantly reminds me of what it feels like to be a child. What exactly does it remind me of? Bagpuss. And egg and soldiers and tea with sugar. And a blue dressing-gown. And a doll that talks. And a new book smell. And miwadi...
So here's some memories that are being made now in this little bubble that is my now.

Why is a lonely swing just quite SO lonely...

My very favourite baby bowls. Why do they break my heart?

The perfect bathtime buddies. Cheerful and happy to be dunked!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Last Light.

We have a full house with our cousins from the west here for a visit. The kids are all so happy to see each other, it's just a big party.
I stole outside this morning to take a few pictures. With the clocks going back last night I am so conscious that the light is fading fast from our days. So I'll be cramming in as many as possible.
Though I do love that clear light and those long shadows you get in the winter...

Friday, 26 October 2007


Over the next few days we will be celebrating the festival of Samhain, better known as Halloween.
According to Celtic tradition this is the beginning of the New Year. It's the end of the bright days of summer and the beginning of the dark days of winter.
It's a contemplative time, a time to be meditive, introspective. A time to curl up in front of the fire and do the quiet restful things that the long summer evenings somehow distract us from.
It's the deep season.

Mid-Term Break,Yay!

Finally, Friday has arrived. On this day every year, there is a parade in school. A parade, a party and a week off. Thank goodness! It's always so lovely to see the little ones in their first year, and with one or two exceptions they are all either a princess, a witch or a skeleton!

But isn't this little Pumpkin the cutest!

My own little lion had a fierce day, with lots of tired tears and too many jellies.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Baby Billy.

As I sit down to write today's thoughts, in the corner of my eye I see a little hand waving. A coo becomes a growl and it's cuddle time. At this hour! He's chatting so loud he'll wake the whole house. So, for now I shall retire for the night and think about what I was going to write, and contemplate the fact that tv just sucks all the poetry out of my head.
It's another day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Before School.

The first frosty morning. Edmund spent ten minutes puffing his dragon breath into the blue sky before agreeing to climb aboard with the rest of us. Some mornings it's just so tempting to turn left instead of right and head into the hills! Today after the rush in the morning I took the back roads home and drove below the speed limit admiring the beautiful houses, the sloping frosty fields, horses snorting clouds of steam.

Little things that will wait quietly until they get home from school.

Jay Things.

I keep coming back to these paintings. Usually when Jay starts some new work it takes me a while to come around to them because I loved the last ones so much (eventually!). But for the first time ever I just simply loved these from day one.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Hand Things Feet Things

It's the small gifts from small hands that I recieve each and every day: The incidental touch. A treasure that pauses his feet. Her hand in repose, while overtaken by quiet wonder at an 'ancient' find.

A school morning, we're running late. The quiet concentration of building brings me out to the hallway where he loves to play. How can I hurry him up?

My turn to rest now...!


I have been given a lovely plug on a lovely Irish blog called Homebug, which if anyone has any interest in interiors and art really should check out. It's one of my regulars that I pop in on most days and is an amazing font of info on all things gorgeous. Thanks to Zee, we now have a beautiful Tord Boontje light in our sitting room! So check it out here, and thanks again Zee!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Autumn Things

I have to say, this is my very favourite time of year. You know the Autumn is here when the clever wind finds your clothes are not quite warm enough, and it seems prudent to keep the raincoats in the car. The days may be greyer, but then, a blue sky is all the more exhilerating for it.

Nothing beats that half hour in the morning when the house is quiet, before the rush, and the day has yet to begin. Often you see a pink sky, or the mountains swathed in mist, or a perfect cresent moon floating in perfect blue, which if you had that extra half hour in bed you would never know existed. It's gone that fast. It's the magic hour.

A little friend, a splash of yellow in a grey day. All he needs is some water and some stones. Such curious lovliness.

What is it about root vegetables that just whisper 'comfort food' in your ear! Carrot soup for lunch and we feel nourished and warm into the evening.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Maze Things.

I have to say, the Greenan Farm Museum and Maze is such rich pickin's it's a photographer's dream. I could have stayed all day. If you haven't been then I urge you to! But you'll have to wait til spring, sorry... But check it out here. And see more below this lot too. Lucky us to have such generous friends as Anita and Will. Thanks guys!

Maze Day

Well, we had a lovely day today at Abhainn's birthday party, at Greenan Maze. There were lots of very tired little people leaving there this evening! They were on the go non stop.

After running around the mazes like lunatics, and then filling up on goodies, it was off down by the river for a treasure hunt.

Then back to the tea rooms for birthday cake.


Friday, 19 October 2007

Material Girl.

I was briefly excited to read that Murphy Sheehy's are opening a new shop in Dun Laoghaire, yay! But then, reading further, realised it's interior fabrics only, boo. Ah well, at least we still have Bray. Tho there is that couch that needs covering. And those curtains that need replacing. Hmm...

Home Things

Finn's little window. There is a delicious wind today, the window is open and the room is filled with the scent of the very last roses.

The door to Finn's tiny room, her little sanctury away from the boys.

The garden in the morning. A gift of light to gladden me.

This little bird was a gift from Renate, who made some of the other heads for the Xanadu show. Isn't it sweet?

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I've been meaning to post this link. It's to Chris Judge's website showing all his weird and wonderful creations, and more. He is after all one of my little brothers! Check it out here. And here are some of the funny friends I made for his previous exhibition Nautilus. You'll see photos from that show on his site too. Hopefully he'll have some from the Xanadu show up soon.

My Models.

Here's my new inspiration for some new small things.

Morning Things.

I got my weekly fix of mama's and babies this morning. Coffee, cake, chat and a cosy kitchen. What more does a girl need to save the planet! Thanks Eilish! Here's some lovely apple trees from Eilish and Donal's garden. LOVE that red!

The Smallest.

After school we picked up some friends and stopped at the beach for a quick run. E couldn't keep up. It's so hard being the little one! Of course B doesn't count, coz he's a baby. Poor E!