Saturday, 13 August 2011

Take My Hand, Come Walk With Me.

There is somewhere I'd like to show you. 
It's not far, though we do have to walk the last bit from the road.
But happy feet trip lightly when there is somewhere irresistible in sight.

Down through the verdant trees, where sunlight creeps to find us.

Oh, wait! A quick little swing on the way,
that thrill of the world spinning away, 
the trusting certainty of coming back safely to earth.

Then on we go.
Here, many seasons ago the winter tides showed no mercy, 
sweeping away the board walk one too many times,
so now, we find our own way.

Almost there!

Now, kick off your shoes, there, do you feel it?
Warm sand between your toes. Is there anything nicer?

I know the sun is playing hide and seek today, but it's balmy and warm,
and look, we have the beach to ourselves.... 

...well, almost.
We are all slightly envious of these happy campers!
It looks as though they've been here a while.

And oh, how the sea sparkles, teases, tantalizes us,
inviting us in.

And so, we while away the hours. 
Friends come and go, and mothers sit and chat, 
children dig and run and splash and play.

And as the shadows grow long, and we begin to gather our things,
someone must be buried before we leave, of course!

Then one final dip before we set our feet on the path again,
heading towards home.

And as we turn the car for home, we follow the winding road north along the coast,
through picturesque towns and villages, for a mere half hour, until we reach home.
And all the way there is a comforting, tired silence in the car, nodding little heads, 
eyes lost in their gaze out the window, dreaming of white foam and billowing clouds,
and chips for tea.


gz said...


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely. I wish I lived near a place like that.

CJ Kennedy said...

No time to plan a trip to the beach this year so thank you for letting me tag along. What a perfect spot you have!

Mimi said...

Longing for one of those trips (hope I can fit one in before the summer's out) and nostalgic for that tired silence in the car and chips for tea. There will be a tired silence on my trip, cos little ones have become big ones for whom the beach holds no draw at this time, so mine will be a solo trip. Different times.

Tracey said...

That is my favorite quiet. The happy, spent quiet of children in the car at the end of the day.

Ciara Brehony said...

Mimi, the same could be said of my older two, but as you can see myself and other Mums ensure to meet up with one another and let them bring friends. If there is someone for everyone and food to go round, you might be surprised how much they'll enjoy it!

Juniper said...

What a beautiful walk and end destination! So green and lush, a far cry from our dusty sun bleached rock island right now. The beach is stunning, and what a perfect way to spend the day, friends, family, talking playing and eating. The perfect summer day.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I SO enjoyed visiting the beach with you in your photos. Was the sea cold? Not that the children seemed to mind though. Oh! your writing took me along beside you all, swinging on the swing and turning an ankle on the rocky path and nodding in the car home with the thought of chips yummy chips!

Such memories your children will carry with them..

Umer Munir said...

This is one of the biggest and cutest post I found on any blog!
The landscapes (beach) are looking great. Please post more posts like this!

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ramona said...

Thank you for this fun, and dream filled trip!
Nature knows what we need!

Lady of the Greenwood said...

This is so lovely. My babies have all grown up and it reminded me of those happy beach days. Sometimes I was worn out and frazzled with 4 little ones and I longed to be able to just lie on the sand for a while and read a book. I was mostly changing nappies, preparing picnics and watching constantly eagle-eyed to make sure that my little brood was safe. Now I would give anything to be back on the beach with my babies, telling them stories and building sandcastles.
Relish every moment of it whilst you can.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...


kimberly said...

Your words are magical my friend. You make me wish for days spent with you, following in your shadow, doing whatever it is that makes your life seem so dreamy~

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Drink it all in with your sweet loved ones, as you well know, it's all very fragile. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.