Sunday, 13 January 2008

Lost Weekend.

We took the weekend, ignored the list of desperate DIY that is crowding our life at the moment, and headed off to Carlow in the rain. To a little wooden house with: a rookery, a picture window overlooking fields and horses and glooming clouds, a true heart, and some dear old friends, Kate and Andrew and their two little ones. There were endless games of hide and seek, jumping on beds, building hidey holes with blankets, a trek in the mud, wholesome food, and all round planet-saving plans being laid. If it's going to happen anywhere, this is it!

Out for a walk, with Bluebell and Buttercup.

A's nature table, a beautiful ode to a child's view of her world.

And this is the entrance to her tree-house, I love her sense of decor! Reminds me of The Bridge To Terebithia, My Only Girl's latest favourite film.

The winter garden slumbers.

Back inside to warm up, dry off and fill their bellies. Sorry Bluebell, it's you and the wellies for a while!

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