Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Favourite Kiddie Things.

It's late, and I'm about to head to bed. Barry Lyndon comes on the tv. A movie I have never seen, even though it's there on the shelf as it's one of Jay's favourite's. And I hear this voice narrating in the background, as I sit here. I am transported. I don't know who it is that is narrating, (I'll find out and let you know!) but it's a voice that instantly reminds me of what it feels like to be a child. What exactly does it remind me of? Bagpuss. And egg and soldiers and tea with sugar. And a blue dressing-gown. And a doll that talks. And a new book smell. And miwadi...
So here's some memories that are being made now in this little bubble that is my now.

Why is a lonely swing just quite SO lonely...

My very favourite baby bowls. Why do they break my heart?

The perfect bathtime buddies. Cheerful and happy to be dunked!


Anonymous said...

Ciara, thank you for visiting my blog Cinco + Lupe. I feel very humbled after looking at your blog, your pictures are beautiful. In these wee hours that I steal to blog down some sort of comprehendable thought, it is nice to know others are probably doing the same. And we have a rubber ducky collection too! Keep in touch.


Ciara Brehony said...

Thanks Claire!
Keep in touch!
C x

Lisa Conmara said...

its a lovely blog ciara x