Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In The Midst Of Autumn, Suddenly.

What is it about this time of year?
When the green has grown tired, and the wind is taking it's toll
leaves blown about the garden
sheets snapping on the line
and in the morning there are apples on the ground

Between deepest blue skies and grey stormy tussles
the quivering green and the brightest berry reds arrest my eye
pause me in my movement through the day

I am lured by the sea, still,
though not so eager to go in
drawn instead to it's hunger
a deepening boom that resounds from it's depths
it's summer humour gone now

And I will wait
for the darkening days to draw in
to wrap themselves around us
pulling into the dark days and nights
when we move indoors
when time becomes our own again
the wild outside to be first considered carefully
the carefree, go-in-what-you-have-on-you days put to bed for another year

I will watch the green withdraw
sink back into the restful earth
into the silence
into the long wait for spring

In the quiet we will embrace the calm
while outside winter heaves itself about
breathlessly trying to catch itself
and my pen will scratch, my needle stitch
my eyes always on the sky and the sea



Kerry O'Gorman said...

How right your words are! We have been gone for a month and came home to autumn for sure. It's a favorite change in the season for many, myself included. Lovely photos Ciara.

bright star said...

What is it about Autumn ,we all wax poetic! Lovely post!

Willow said...

How lovely that sounds !

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

You always put words together so that they paint such wonderful pictures, truly a wonderful piece of writing!


Willow said...

Wonderful wording ! The photos so soothing ~ the last photo so enchanting ! Thank you so much for the share . I had to come back and peek at this post once more.

Laura said...

"I will watch the green withdraw
sink back into the restful earth
into the silence
into the long wait for spring" So beautifully expressed.

ramona said...

The pictures of sunlit apples in the first photo is my name in Autumn. How I love to gaze at these sweet and crisp orbs that thud so resolutely on the ground.

Thank you for such a wonderful post.
I love to visit here.

Ciara Brehony said...

Thank you all, I love hearing from you!
ANd I love how we are all connected through the seasons, no matter where in the world we are. xx

Unknown said...

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