Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finding Our Feet.

We are settling in.
Some of us not quite settled yet. A whole new world to get used to.
Getting to know the light in this new place.
I love it very much.
Follow it from room to room.

Loving the hill behind our house.
Our new playground.

Loving this new urban life that allows us to not have to give up the sea.
Loving so many friends on our doorstep.
Loving walking everywhere!

Loving that spring is rushing towards summer.
Happiness runs.


the wild magnolia said...

i love to watch and study light.

all photos are good, the last is my favorite.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Looks like a happy place! I really miss walking places. I can walk the dog to the lake but I miss that trek to the store on foot or a jaunt to the shops on my bike. Here we pretty much have to drive everywhere. There's always good and bad about anyplace. I'm glad you're finding your new house is easy to get along with.

Acornmoon said...

How lovely, I am sure you will be very happy in that place which looks rather familiar. Your photographs look lovely, I am so happy for you.

gz said...

A Welcome to your new home too. I've just moved too-moved country as well, to Scotland from Wales...fresh beginnings are exciting and good

Poetry24 said...

Great to see and hear that you're settling in.

Stephanie V said...

So beautiful. And your sea is so serene today.

Mairéad said...

Good luck in your new home. It sounds as though it has much to offer and looks as though you are putting your touch on it already.

Clio said...

Beautiful, I love your singer sewing table.

Unknown said...
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