Sunday, 9 October 2011

Of Bungled Plans, And Some Birthdays.

Three days past now, Milkmoon turned four. And I missed it! Oh my..... 
I did remember last week, and there were plans for a make-over and a giveaway, which I hasten to add will still go ahead, they will. But then my technical advisor was whisked away to Tokyo, at rather short notice, and I quietly folded my plans away into a shoebox and placed it on a sunlit shelf in my studio, to wait.

In my mother's kitchen,
she pauses to light the candles.

But just before he left, we had a birthday. Eight years ago our bonny babe no.3 was born here in our sitting room, all 11lbs (5kilos) of him, and such a ray of sunshine he has turned out to be. An all-singing, all-dancing, most agreeable cabaret of a lad, if ever there was one!

And so our week has been, as usual, a hectic one. A blustery, wind-swept, whiplash sort of a week that careened between autumnal gloomy rain-drenching days, and hot sirocco-like days, that found us mostly over-dressed, peeling off layers as we went, kicking off our shoes and longing for cool water on our toes.

There is a strange thing that happens when one tenacious season will not let go, isn't there? An odd sort of waiting. We stand in the wings, costumes in hand, just waiting for our cue to don them, but each time we do, we must remove them in haste as we are overcome, yet again....*sigh*
Let autumn begin proper, please, I say, as I eye my favourite tweedy skirt, woolen scarves and ankle length coat, and hats! Oh yes, hats, please!

But for now we will bide our time, scuffing our toes in the last of the warmth before the sun begins to thin, and we have to scramble and savour any heat we can find.
Although I was better, I am hobbling again, and so trying to slow things down a little, (yes, I did say 'slow things down', though when I say those words, I do hear manic laughter echoing somewhere in the background...)  and I have plans to actually get into my studio this week and get stuck into an exciting project I have in mind.

Ah, yes, the studio. Did I mention it before? I think possibly not. I may do a little feature to show you around, and you can peek into some shoeboxes and tins and see what we can find. I am still unpacking hence the shoeboxes etc but do stop by later this week to see where we are, and pop in for a cup of tea when I am settled in.

But in the meantime.

I'll be right here, fixing myself up and finding new homes for everything, unpacking and unwrapping and setting things to rights.

And waiting for the technical advisor to make his way home again.....


chris said...

happy birthdays to 3 and to milkmoon! as i sit here in summer's shorts, i agree with you that it's definitely time for autumn to come! love your photos, especially your mother's kitchen.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

A belated happy birthday for the special #3 day!
Loved the sweet photo of your mother in the kitchen.
Seems like October is a big month for birthdays as I too had a post on that same topic.
I believe Oct 5 is the most celebrated of all the days in the year!

Juniper said...

Happy birthday to your dancing singing number three! Also to Milkmoon. We are turning to the start of year four at Capers and some sort of marking of the time does seem in order.
Beautiful picture of your mother in the kitchen and oh my yes, a cup of tea and seeing your studio!!! Will be popping back for sure!
Hats and sweaters- am longing for the same!


Hej Ciara

All these lovely celebrations...
Happy Birthday to your bonny boy Wow!5KG My eldest was 4.63KG BUT I made sure the next 2 were smaller... and they were and the last one born at home too ;-D
Happy Birthday to MilkMoon JUST soo love your blog...enjoy the wonderful photo's (That's lovely of your mum in her kitchen) and your lyrical, poetic writing.
A Studio! Very Grand! Oh please do share and would love to have a noise around in all your!
Have a wonderful week ahead my lovely

Poetry24 said...

Belated birthday wishes to all concerned! Your project sounds intriguing.

gz said...

One never knows what- or how many- clothes to wear or take when going out!
Greetings to all celebrating.
Your own studio- it will be good to see and good for you to use, especially as the Winter nears.

ramona said...

I can never decide which quickens my heart more, the photos you take or the words that surround them. Happy four years and to many more!!

P.S. The photo of your mom in the kitchen makes me want to lean in close to see her lovely face.

Acornmoon said...

Happy birthday to you and yours. I hope that you settle into your new surrounding and continue to inspire and delight.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Glad to have found you...happy birthday! We celebrated my sisters oldest birthday on Sunday...I am so looking forward to long mornings in the studio,,,can't wait to have a visit to yours!

Mise said...

Your mother's kitchen is absolutely beautiful - a real, warm room with functional beauty and grace. I would ask to see more of it, but am hesitant to intrude upon her.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Ciara, happy birthday to Edmund and to Milkmoon!
Beautiful post as always. I'm so intrigued to see your studio and your new project. I hope you are feeling better soon too.

Jess said...

I'm intrigued to see your studio :)
I feel today perhaps the sun has finally gone away to come back to visit us in a few days wearing it's winter coat!
Jess xx

bright star said...

Happy Birthday Milkmoon.I too love your Mum;s kitche, I want to just go there!

Lorna said...

It has been incredibly mild today - no need to light the fire this evening and yet it will probably get quite cold around 10pm and I'll wish I had :)
Belated happy birthday

Annah said...

Oh the thoughts of your studio and all the unwrapping and finding homes for all your precious bits, and to see what emerges from your wonderfully creative fingers.....

And little Edmund, can't wait to see him this weekend.....

Love to you all, XxA

HKatz said...

Happy belated birthday to the "most agreeable cabaret of a lad" (such a wonderful description!) and for your wonderful blog too.

Indian summer weather is beautiful :) I've been going on long walks, enjoying the warmth while I can.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Wow he was a BIG boy your lovely birthday boy! And I thought I did well with a 9lb 15oz er...Happy Belated Birthday to the handsome chappy! Sorry to hear you're hobbling and do hope you manage to find a moment to heal some more.

Happy Week-end to you!

J x

Anonymous said...

you have a studio? how wonderful! i do envy you, you know htat don't you? ;)

by the way, that photo in your mother's kitchen....LOVE IT!

GourmetGirlfriend said...

thank goodness for you. xx