Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What We Found Upon Opening The Door One Morning.

A rather surprising thing has happened.
But hush, we cannot talk too loudly, for if the lady in question were to hear her mistake she may just pack up and leave, and then what would we do!

Let me tell you.... Summer, yes Summer came calling! When first we heard her tap on the door we looked at one another and wondered and shook our heads in surprise, unsure if really it was she.

But upon opening the door, here she was, not yet in all her glory, no, for so far she has not unpacked, but here nevertheless. And we said nothing, no, not a word of her mixed up calendar did we utter, but invited her in and took her coat and made her some tea.

And so we bide our time as the temperature creeps up, and the hazy sunshine begins to work it's magic and warm our wintered bones, and we go about our business, murmuring in hushed voices, straining to not laugh too loudly or explode with glee lest she rouses herself and finds she is not where she ought to be. 

For it has happened before, we are told, and sometimes she will wake with a start, and leap up in a fluster and run out the door, cheeks aflame with chagrin, ne'er to be seen again until the year has rolled round once more.

But sometimes, just occasionally, she will settle in, unfurl her parasol, pour herself a rather long, cool drink, and smile indulgently as we bask in her glow,  unfurling ourselves, and luxuriating in her extended stay.

We may not really believe this, but today we can pretend.

It is with great pleasure I announce that 
are the winners of my giveaway!
A signed copy of The Lonely Beast on it's way to you both shortly.


Mimi said...

Oh I love it, Ciara!
Especially the bit about taking her coat!
I do hope she unfurls her parasol, but whether or not, I'm enjoying her visit, especially as it conicides with school break, so we have lots of time to linger with her, and sip those long cool drinks!
Congrats to the winners!

Anonymous said...

ah yes! summer! how i have missed her this year. could you let her know for me? :)

LeAnn said...

She's been around here, too. She's been whispering that the windows need washing. So far, I've kept quiet about that.

Susan said...

Hello Ciara...Could you please tap the lady on the shoulder and tell her to pul-eese get herself to Massachusetts. It's still cold here. Thanks. Susan

chris said...

i love this post! so delightful and fun!

ramona said...

How wonderful to read this Ciara! This lady came to visit my corner of the world as well. She stayed all day and well into the night. We hung sheets on the line and wore our short pants.:)
We enjoyed her visit immensely and wait eagerly for her return.

Ellen said...

And isn't it lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on ones skin? Your post gave me hope that indeed the season change is coming. We are still in grey skies, blue skies, clouds, fog, showers and then repeat weather here. Send a bit of your 'summer' to California....

yew tree nights said...

I'll just whisper you a little 'hello' then, and mouth to you silently: 'this post is beautiful'. I'll shut the door very quietly on my way out; I do not want to startle such a guest as that!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

You could send out an open invitation to the Lady over to our neck of the woods...we would dearly love to see her!