Monday, 4 October 2010

Through The Keyhole.

What the smallest scallywags get up to at a party when you are not looking.

It rained.

But the children didn't care.


A little Sparrow on our doorstep.
We are all recovered somewhat. As always, the ten days that my man was away it was a litany of minor illnesses and disasters. Minor ones but disasters all the same. The worst of it being the Smallest and his cousin (who lives next door now) aka the scallywags, thinking it would be great fun to see how many toilet rolls would fit in the toilet. Six apparently. Yes. And an unpleasant head cold that made it's way through all of us to varying degrees.
But as I said, we survived. And had a lovely weekend with a certain someone turning seven, a birthday party in the rain, and on Sunday a family visit. I also got to see a dear friend who lives too, too far away. And a dear friend who couldn't live closer, and has this, the view of the sea from her house that we don't. I'll be spending a lot of time sitting at this next door window from now on, I think!

Sunday morning. The best things on my doorstep.
A beautiful view, a great friend, and coffee!

And so it is Monday morning, and life is back to normal. The sun is shining in a cool autumnal way, and the week spreads out before us, full of promise and potential.

Happy week-to-come! I hope you have something wonderful ahead!


Mimi said...

Lovely selection of photos, as always, Ciara.
Happy week-to-come to you too!
I've no major plans, we'll see how it all pans out.

Sara said...

The scallywags... I have a couple of those around here too. Glad to hear all is better now. That view of the sea is spectacular... I would visit often.

My man had been gone for awhile too, and we spent the weekend being together and loving each other. *happiness*

Susan said...

Hello Ciara...So glad you survived all the challenges. Good times always return. Susan

Stephanie V said...

Ciara, I always have such a sense of peace when I come to visit you. Yes, even when I read that the scallywags are busy with their clever experimentation.

The mountain view in the rain was so evocative. Perfect, really, for how it can be on a rainy day.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love, love, love.
All of this!

Ellen said...

I got a kick out of the photo of the kids digging...then your writing about the toilet paper and I guess I am relieved I do not have to have that happen anymore...till Grandkids?!

Scenes of you kids at the swing set and the waving grass behind everytime gets me. Really. I want to have that view...everyday thank you very much. I simply miss that about parenting..playing outside, pushing my child in a swing. Trucks, running, laughter...Ryan at 14 is not into that anymore :(

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Skallywags and shenanigans...oh boy! Be brave!

Unknown said...

Littlest devils! What a lovely lingering memory you'll have. Just ask me about 5 year old Eoin and his toy car wash some time :)

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Happy week to you, too, dear Ciara! Little Sparrow has stolen my heart, as has this last photo, which reminds me painfully of the view from our cottage on the island last fall. You know, I only live 15 minutes by ferry from the island and I can't bring myself to go over this fall! I miss it so much it hurts sometimes. I don't want to see someone else living in the cottage. So possessive of me!

I am excited to read your guest post! Can barely wait. xoxo

Emma said...

What a spaceman and superman will get up to when no one is watching. I am sure it was all an effort to save the earth from some impending disaster. Little Sparrow is beautiful. Happy birthday to the little one! Amazing view from that window.

Tracey said...

These last too post are so lovely. I first came here about a year ago, when you were a Blog of Note, and it is the beauty of your pictures and the simplicity of your writing that has kept me coming back. The little glimpse though the key whole at an Irish life. Thank you so much for sharing.

Juniper said...

Have just come upon your blog today via Gigi and I don't know where to begin so I will start with the end, the picture and caption could not be more perfect. I look forward to coming back to your blog, it is a very inspiring place. Happy third birthday!

Liz of Wool Boutique said...

Mmmm cake.

The cat is a cutie!

Amanda Summer said...

the fotos on this post are amazing, particularly the last one -- what a view!

lovely blog and great title as well - glad i visited!

Irmhild said...

your close by friend is very very lucky!