Saturday, 11 September 2010

What Is Hidden In The Garden.

This years Sculpture In Context exhibition is taking place at the moment in the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. This wonderful annual show is in the most lovely of settings. There is something reassuring about botanical gardens, don't you think? The sense of order and symmetry, peacefulness and even discipline appeal to my inner control freak! And it's not just the neatness of the gardens, but that satisfaction of nature and plants knowing just what they need to do, and everything being efficient and logical. Ah yes...

And so it is a delightful wonder to wander and discover unexpected hidden gems of creative explosions, some of which have no bearing or relevence to their environment, and some of which are like marvelous imaginings of the garden gods who have taken a moment of madness and thrown caution to the wind.

Vertical Garden
by Deirdre Judge.
I am particularly thrilled to bring your attention to the above glass piece that was made by none other than my mother, Deirdre Judge! A delightful representation of my parents abundant, bounteous garden that is bursting with life (and flavour!) and here rendered as a gorgeous wall hanging.

Specimen 3
by Michelle Brady.
Redwood Spore Drip
by Andrea Cleary.
A Match Made In Heaven
by Joanne Murray.

The above piece by Joanne Murray thrilled me beyond words, seeing immediately the Julie Arkell influence which is a guaranteed lasso around my heart. Gorgeous work, and I do hope to track her down at some point and feature her in a long overdue Something Lovely post.

If any of you are in the vicinity over the next few weeks, do take an afternoon to wander these most lovely gardens. We didn't even see half of the exhibits, I am sure and feel the need for a return trip while these mild days the summer forgot to take linger on...


Anonymous said...

they are all really beautiful works. like you i love the Joanne Murray peice as well. It must have been so thrilling to see your mother's work, which by the way is stunning. you must be really proud :)


Mimi said...

Your mother's piece is actually my favourite, though I like the Joanne Murray one too.
You're such a talented family!
Thanks for posting about this, I went to it year before last, but would have forgotten about it this yr were it not for this post.

Stephanie V said...

What beautiful work. I wonder - is there a small tinkle when a garden breeze steals by your mom's wall-hanging?

I love the Red-wood Spore twining and dripping from the branch. And the loveliest of settings.

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Yes, botanical gardens are among the most comforting and wonderful of places, especially when they host art shows! I love your mother's piece. xo

Poetry24 said...

A little too far for us, Ciara but, thank you for the bringing some of the exhibits to us. Your mother's wall hanging looks wonderful.

Annah said...

Thanks for the reminder Ciara.... Might bring my boys on Sat if you fancy meeting up?
Well done Deirdre, inspirational...

Acornmoon said...

Congratulations to Deirdre, I would love to visit but will have to make do with a virtual one. I think you would love Kew gardens too.

Novus said...

One thing I love about so many of your photos (those involving people) is the "just out of sight" position of faces. So many have heads turned or partially obstructed, giving each one a sense of mystery and motion. Love them!! You're a very talented photographer!