Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Contentment of Doing Nothing.

A rare day spent at home with no agenda other than to hang out together. All the jobs and chores and must-do's ignored or put on the long finger.
There was baking done by someone who is not me. The surprising joy of children old enough to follow a recipe without any help a pleasure I hadn't anticipated.

And when we venture to step outside into the day for a brief foray in search of dinner, our noses stinging in the freezing air, there is a loudness to the birds, a booming to the sea, the air rushing in spite of it's stillness. And even though Winter still has us by the tail, our senses twitch and quiver in anticipation of Spring.

And so we set forth, a choir of hopeful voices humming in our hearts, warming our chilly way. And later, as the day slides away down behind the mountains we gather round the table and pass the bowls to one another, and chatter swirls and surges like surf, breaking into laughter, dousing us for good measure.

So, in spite of our reluctance we are ready for the week ahead. 

For anyone looking for some loveliness,
and for some cake,
can I suggest taking a peek at the newly renovated
gorgeousness that is Friendly Cottage?


marty, sharon and pearl said...

ciara - wow! thank you so much for the very special mention on your lovely post *girl blushes and doesn't know where to look* (did i do this ok?! copying you!)

We had a very lazy weekend here too. got lots of blogging organised though which feels good. i must make you a sugar, chocolate & wheat free cake soon!

s x

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi Ciara!!! You have very beautifull name!!! This sky is so Awesome!!! Have a nice day! ;)

Aeish said...

Beautiful Pictures :D

Anonymous said...

oh so pretty, Ciara.

Vanilla Press said...

Hi Ciara.
Sounds like a lovely weekend!
At least we had a bit of sunshine here in Ireland.
Hope your week goes well
Take care

Tracey said...

Oh, I love the very first hint of spring. Like the very first hint of fall that sneaks up on me some August morning.

Stephanie said...

Love those silhouetted mountains and that blue, blue sky.

Tia said...

Ciara , I`m glad you had such a lovley day...I have to say...I was feeling a bit "ughh" but when I read your post I gave me a good kick in the butt , as a homeschool mom , everyday is like that...and I don`t revel enough in it ! Aideen says shes doing dinner tomorrow for IMBOLC , we`ll be thinking of you as we light the candle on the table, Hugs , Tia xx

Rebecca S. said...

I love that kiss of a pointy mountain in the top photo. The first hint of spring and the spaciousness it affords is oh, so precious. I saw the white buds on my snowdrops today, and smelled the flowers on a witch hazel tree.

Poetry24 said...

Cosy, family orientated, optimistic...just what life is all about.

Jess said...

Hi Ciara, wonderful words describing a cherished time :)....I can also relate to the child being old enough to follow a recipe unaided - what joy!xx

Pandorah's Box said...

So many of my own sentiments were captured in this post. Beautiful!

Thank you Ciara!