Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What I Thought As I Lay In The Quiet.

He's gone three morning's now.
And sharing Mama every day.

And he's playing hard.

And I am turning my time and thought's to things other than baby.

And then,
a night like tonight,
when one is too tired to stay awake,
and misses his cuddle time,

And another is too wide awake to sleep,
and tosses and turns and talks and sings,
muttering to himself...

And I wonder am I good enough?

Until at last,
as sleep catches him
a train rumbles out of the quiet night,
past his window,
and from the land of nod
his little hand is raised
in a wave.

He never misses one.

And I think maybe it'll do.


Tia said...

OH Ciara ,such wonderful words ,I really had a lump in my throat ! HOW much would I have loved to have had you write poetry for me while I was training to be a poetry really bare your soul , what a precious gift !
Your "baby" is started playschool and tonight my "baby" is sleeping in a big bed for the first time flies for us mamas , thankfully we have our cameras to capture each and every moment ! Who knows in years to come you and I will share a cuppa , our photo albums and our precious memories ;)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Sweet, pure, poetry.

Annah said...

Oh Ciara, there are no words to describe the gifts we give to our children, and the effects we have on our little precious souls. We give so much more when we are questioning our mothering.

Your words are so beautiful. Thank you...

Emma said...

Beautiful words, Ciara. They are some of the luckiest children in the world. Happy. loved, with plenty of room to play and create. And wave at trains. Glad to hear Billy is enjoying playschool.

Paddy said...

He is in good hands.

Beck said...

What gorgeous words, so full of meaning and love. I've just found your blog and it's a lovely surprise. I will pop by again xo

Anonymous said...

when the girls are sleeping and their arms reach out and catch around my neck and they pull their heads into me. ahhh.

lovely, lovely post ciara

Mel said...

Ciara-- What strikes me most after reading this, after the initial effect of awe, of stepping into a story, is the contrast between your twinges of doubt, and the deeply warm secure nest you've created round your children, so strikingly obvious to us readers. We all have those moments; "am I letting anything slip through cracks by letting go-- just a little?" But we none of us in blogland are worrying too much over your children in general; we think, observe and strongly suspect you are a WONDERFUL Mother!


Holly said...

Your pictures are AWESOME...

found you on Blogs of Note... just visiting :-)

eda said...




JTOutloud said...

Your words fall down on me like water that is the perfect temperature out of the shower. and I smiled. :)

Anonymous said...

I love halloween. Looks like they had a lot of fun. That's so funny that they were that worn out. Your pictures are original and I really like how they told a story and had captions underneath them. It was a lot of fun reading your blogs. It's great that you take your kids out like that. Their costumes are funny. We always had to dress up in dumb stuff when we were kids but that always made it fun. Thanks for the pics.