Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Week Of Pictures.

We've had such a busy week, and such a busy weekend ahead of us, that I thought I'd share our week in pictures a wee bit early this time. The excitement has spilled over into madness on occasion, but we are surviving. I have to say I am blown away by the generosity of family and friends, both new and old, with their help and time and energy, in the run up to our event of the year. There will be more on that in a day or two, but for now I'd like to say a big thank you especially to my parents for their trojan work, and for their babysitting. 

We are on the eve of it now and no matter what happens this weekend, I am going to enjoy myself. I feel considerably more relaxed than I did in previous years, in spite of my organisation being as tardy as ever!

So, without further ado, until Sunday I would guess. 

But you never know...

Peepo Dadda!

Rocket Man.

One Evening.

What they left behind.

Memorial for a bird.

Blind man's buff.

He liked the dancing the best.


Anonymous said...

it will all be wonderful regardless. hope you enjoy every minute of it!

looks like a great lead-up anyway.

Annah said...

Ed amazes me. Always.

So looking foreward to seeing you all this weekend. Have lots of work to do this morning, need to get my business plan completed for the Enterprise Board... Yippee.

I feel we will come early tomorrow but I feel I could also be bullied by my kids to get the tent gear together and head your way this evening.....

Are you expecting many? From what time today?

Paddy said...

Great photos. I like the clouds over the Sugar Loaf.
Ed and Billy having fun, as are Ruadhan and Finn...getting into the spirit for the weekend.
The palm prints remind me of the Aboriginal rock paintings.

Antoinette said...

I always love all your photos. These have such a wonderful summer energy to them.

mimi charmante said...

What a fabulous week my friend. Oh how I wish I lived closer and could come to your party! You are inspiring me to throw a little bash of my own!
I can't wait to see the photos!!!

our little love nest said...

Looks like so much fun! Hope your weekend is full of happy! xo

Andrew Judge said...

Have fun tonight. We'll see you tomorrow. Setting out for Dublin in the next 20 mins. A

marty, sharon and pearl said...

oh ciara, i'm so sad to say we're not going to be able to make it but thanks for your thoughtful invite - i'm dreaming of next year perhaps! really looking forward to seeing the pics. have a fab weekend. s x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love The Rocket Man!

If I lived nearby, Edward and I would visit the party!! Have a glorious time!!