Friday, 8 May 2009

What The Postman Brought.

We don't have a proper post box. We have a painted, peeling old box that sits on our doorstep and the postman has to walk all the way round to the back of our house to put our post in it. Every so often I think we really should get a new one. It's on our list. Just not very high up. He has never complained, although maybe he's just too polite. 
It's always a thrill to pull it back and peep in to see a big envelope or package sitting patiently waiting for us. 

So, today there was something waiting for me. All parceled up beautifully with a lot of care and attention. 

This is what I won on a generous give-away over at Mimi Charmante a couple of weeks back. I got to choose a print of one of her delightful prints from her Etsy Shop. Do take a peek there. As well as prints of her photos, she also has sweet bags for sale there.

I just love this lonesome, slightly melancholy image of train tracks disappearing off into the distance. (Though just let me say all the other prints at Little Bluebird Studio are not melancholy by any means!) It must be our proximity to the railway line here in 'Lis na Mara' that makes it appealing to me. That and my underlying penchant for melancholy.

So thank you dear friend for a very lovely print, which will be straight up onto my wall when all this remodeling is done.  


Deborah said...

dear one, maybe the tracks are not dissappearing....maybe they are bringing something beautiful Towards you ?????? xxx

mimi charmante said...

Your post brought tears - you are truly the sweetest friend Ciara~
I am so very happy to have drawn your name and was able to send something to you.
Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day~

Jo said...

Deborah, I saw a headline today: Optimist Drowns in Bath Half Full.

Actually no, your comment made me laugh. Of course they could be approaching. I'm afraid I suffer from Ciara's happy melancholy too! Maybe it's just the black and white that does it to us :)

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

so pretty!:)

Lisa Conmara said...

You lucky thing... I love how its slightly askew, it makes it all the more romantic...

i like to imagine it is the tracks behind the carriage that is whisking me away to some fantastic place!

Unknown said...

I just love train tracks, too! I used to wander all along train tracks as a child in Arizona. I loved the smell of the tar on the wood and I would collect the spikes.

My brother Rhys and I used to sit by the tracks and count the freight cars as they sped past, 50.....80.....137. On and on they would go.

I love the way the tracks seem to sing to you with that high lonesome sound that always comes to me when I think of the journeys I could take if I just had the courage to jump on one.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What is it about trains? I love to lie in bed at night and hear the whistle of a train off in the distance.
Lovely photograph.

And congratulations are due for the brand-new teenager! Happy Birthday!!